Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random bits and pieces

Well, it's gorgeous outside right now, which is great, since the forecast has nothing but rain for us starting tonight. I just love bright blue skies scattered with big, puffy, cottonball clouds.

I need to say something. I am so SICK of American Idol. Why is it on three nights a week for 2 hours? And even if I work up the desire to watch a few idiots try to sing Celine Dion or Mariah Carey songs, it doesn't last long b/c of the million commercial breaks every 2 seconds! What IS that? I'm tired of watching Paula and Simon argue. I'm tired of hearing Randy say "Dawg." I'm tired of hearing okay singers complain about how they are so much better than they really are. Get over yourselves!

Sorry - had to vent.

Here's some follow-up news on the sinkhole on Tualatin-Sherwood Road (b/c I know you are all dying to hear it): The city has recently been doing work with the pipes under the Road closer to Sherwood which has resulted in a very long concrete bump in the road. Well, THAT is what sunk in! Nice job on your work, boys!

What else can I go on about? Oh yes. I think our cat has IBS. Either that, or he just loves to hang out in his litter box. I am awoken every night by the sound of litter being sprinkled all over our bathroom floor (lovely for wet feet) and the constant dig, dig, dig. What is he searching for? Lost treasure? Gross. Jim has had the thrill of cleaning out the litter box for the past 5 months, so he knows first hand that Sam is keeping busy in there.

Wasn't that a charming piece of info for you?

Jim is still gone and I still miss him. =( But I got a lot of filing done! Until next time, my friends!!


Jim said...

This could be the best piece of blogwork that I've ever read. Seriously. Nice work!

eets said...

you're telling me you don't get a kick out of watching that Taylor guy? (Forgot his last name). He's so fun to watch!

Other than him though, I really am with you. Last night I went for a jog rather than watch it.

Now Lost though! They finally gave some meaty answers last night. Of course there were loose strings attached to the answers, but hey, it was something.

Steph said...

I know! LOST was a huge improvement last night compared to recent episodes. What WAS last week?? JJ just decided we needed a recap? Where did the freaky people go too??