Friday, September 30, 2005

Bring on the rain!!

I love to see the colored leaves
I love the raindrops on my sleeves
I love the fall in every way
It means we're close to Christmas day.

A poem, by Stephanie Marr.

Thank you, thank you. Oh, stop it. Thank you.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I do not like muddy, wet, golden retrievers. No matter how much they love me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Sweet. I just purchased some Gortex Nike Outdoor shoes for our trip to the northeast. I don't know if I'll need them, but according to Jim and his friends, you can never have enough Gortex. Plus, I'll just look cool.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here is Aunt Becky and Carson!

Titles are hard to think up sometimes

DANG IT! I DID IT AGAIN!!!! Arg and a double arg arg. Here it goes for a second time...

It has been a few days because we have been busy being surrogate aunt and uncle to baby Carson! It is so fun! I didn't think it was possible for him to get any cuter, but alas! He is! All pink and soft! I love seeing my friends and I love seeing their small child. Jen looks great and it is just amazing to see her and Trent as mom and dad.

We also learned that Sarah and Eric will be adding another boy to our (created) family!! Two little trouble makers to run around together! Good fun.

I cannot wait to join our friends in the life of parenthood! What an amazing bring life into the world like this. God is good.

On to other things...(and a big fat dejavu to me) I have finally talked my dear and loving husband into taking me to the northeast! We are going to visit my aunt and uncle in Boston and visit up through Maine for a week in November. I am so excited! I'm not sure how we are going to pack, what with all the wool socks, boots and ear muffs. It will be cold! I guess Jim will just have to deal with the fact that I will need to bring more than one suitcase. (me smiling here)

I am also happy to announce that we have FINALLY scheduled our fence and sod to be installed! All I have to say is "I told you so!" I knew that WE would never be installing sod ourselves! Stephanie is triumphant! She knew better than to think they'd do all that work themselves! I win!

I think that sums up me for now...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Carson Michael Tompkins

Here he is...Jen and Trent's beautiful baby boy. What a tiny miracle.

I am so proud of my precious friend for enduring such a long labor with good spirits and "pushing" through to the reward. We love this little boy so much already... Congratulations Jen and Trent!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Still waiting...

After much anticipation all of yesterday, Jen still hasn't had her baby! She was able to sleep some last night, due to epidural, thank heavens. This is a long labor, but she is in good spirits and everyone is well. Mike, Becky, Jim and I had a slumber party on our couches and floor waiting for that 1 AM call to say, "Come to the hospital! He's born!" Instead, I woke up at 5:45 and adrenaline shot through me. Becky has to get up! She has to go home and shower and dress so she can teach! AAHHH! Chaos. Very tired chaos. Can't say we slept long...or well. But it was fun! And again we go today!! Come on baby T! Come on out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


He's not going everyone! He's not going! Yaaah!!! I can't have cereal for dinner. Oh, the changes I am forced to deal with!! HA!

So alone, but happy nonetheless...

Another day, another husband leaves town... Today Jim leaves for Houston until Friday night. Hopefully the case he's going down for settles and he can come back early. It's very lonely when he's not here!

Which brings me to the tale of wifehood... (what a lovely segue...not really).

I love being a wife. I love that you can be married to an extremely intelligent, completely competent man, and he still somehow could never get along without you. =) What would this poor man eat, pray tell? Cheesy poofs! What would he wear? Dirty socks and smelly jeans! Tell me, how would this man survive?? (This is where I come in!) I love to pack for Jim when he's going on a trip b/c I take pleasure in making everything fit just right - fantastically folded in perfect stacks. When the suitcase makes it back to our bedroom, it looks like a laundry basket. (Smile)

I love when I hear, "I have no underwear!" and I get to say, "It's in the dryer." I also love it when I hear, "There is nothing to eat and I'm starving!" and I manage to put together a meal of chicken, pasta and vegetables - and ice cream for dessert, mind you.

All this to say, I love being a wife and all that it entails in my marriage. I like that I feel I can take care of someone who needs me and gives me so much, even though he doesn't really NEED my help where I give it. What a great place, when you can find the balance of man and wife, support and encouragement, give and give.

Monday, September 19, 2005


CRAP! Sorry for the language, but I just wrote a huge blog and it has been erased!! ARG. I hate user error. How will I ever remember all my cleverness?? Oh wait...there wasn't really any. =P Hello, Monday! Begin again!

This weekend was full of friends and singing. Good times. Our church choir had a big six hour rehearsal on Saturday to introduce this year's Christmas music. Needless to say, I am ready for the holidays! Jim totally vetoed my Christmas CD on Sunday morning, though. Boo. And a "Booo booo prince!" to Becky as well. =)

Men are weird. Trent has always been a crazy runner, and I suppose Eric as well, but now Jim and Mike have joined the club. These boys run miles and miles all over Oregon, and they are planning on running 40 miles around Mt. Hood!!!! WHAT?!??!? is how the normal, sane person would react to this. They are nuts. Not only this, but Jim, Mike and Eric met at 5:45 AM on Saturday to wait in line for three hours for a used gear (junk) sale at REI. (bewildered look here) I never want to hear another word about me hitting the Nordstrom sale at 7:00 AM again. And, after waiting for three hours, my cute husband walked out having only spent $0.83. (more bewildered look here) I am so happy that I have the support of all of their wives, who would rather get a coffee, watch a movie and chat than run around mountains and go to REI. PHEW!

Speaking of those wives...they are my dearest, bestest friends. I was reminded yesterday of how lucky I am to have them when I had a little crying spell at church. What encouragers they are and selfless spirits they have. I always think to myself...I hope that in some small way, I can return all their kindness.

On Saturday evening, everyone came over for a man-cooked meal (yes!) of shish-ka-bobs. Yum. While we were waiting, we got to watch a five minute exercise routine performed by Baby T in Jen's tummy. Weeeirrrd. But so cool. There was an elbow, knee, bum, something, moving up and all around, making her tummy expand and well, look like an alien was in there. What a miracle. I think he is getting restless and is probably just as ready to come out as Jen is to get him out! I cannot wait to meet this child. =)

I think that's about all I said...WAIT! I did three loads of laundry in my new washer and dryer! Yessssssssss!

Okay, that's all.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Hello all. I was told by my dear and loving husband that my MSN blog was "dumb," so I am creating a new one in hopes of meeting his approval. If that means I have to be as clever as he is though, I am doomed.

So, here is my blog. Don't have much to say... I named it for my husband, Jim, who absolutely adores how much I use the word "cute." He says it drives him nuts but I think he finds it endearing. My URL is also named for Jim, who thinks I'm "neat" because most of my world experience comes from Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. Well, I can't help the fact that he grew up in the Air Force and my parents worked in entertainment for the Mouse himself!! I had a fun childhood!!

Anyhow, good times...talking to yourself. I find it amusing that Jim will read this and a couple of his friends...maybe a couple of mine. So really, they already know everything about what's going on in my life. Even more of a challenge to be witty. Dang.