Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Angel eyes

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Just daddy and me

I know it's the same theme as my last post, but can you help it when they're so adorable? Henry pays such close attention to Jim...it's really cute. Oh, and do please notice what everyone is wearing. I seem to recall someone saying THAT would never happen. =) Hee.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleep in heeeaavenly peee-eeace

Nothing too exciting to report here.

The fall leaves are pretty.

My baby is cute.

Daytime TV is stupid. Not that I watch it regularly, but what else are you gonna do when you're feeding a baby?

I would like it to snow.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ode to the husbands of mothers

There's nothing so sweet as having a child
Smiling and cooing with eyes shining wild
They can learn so much in one simple day
Finding things out in their own special way
The mothers, they cry and they squeal and they cheer
For no one's as smart as their sweet, little dear
Toys are selected and books are read
All to make sure that their child is well-bred
Tummy time, batting time, bathing time, sleep
This schedule is one thing the mommy must keep
Her world revolves around each little cry
This bundle of joy, this star in her sky
But then to the point of this poem I must get
Before this poor mommy's brain does forget!
The daddies come home from a long day at work
Their brains need to rest or they will go berserk
But too bad! As soon as they walk through the door
"The baby did this! He did that! Wait, there's more!"
After a whole day with baby, she forgets to say
"I'm so glad you're home" and "How was your day?"
Blubbering on till at last there's no more
She remembers "It's dinnertime!" and moves on with her chore
Daddies are left standing there all confused
I'm sure even some of them feel quite abused
But the thing about daddies that makes them so neat
Is they let all that go and claim their defeat
They pick up their baby, their gift from above
And the household is filled with the sweet sounds of love.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Time is ticking...

What?!?! You say I gave birth almost 3 months ago? How did 3 months go by so quickly? I suppose it must be right...Henry has nearly doubled his weight and is about to change diaper sizes for the third time.

Remember how I tried in vain to get Henry to take a pacifier? Well, he had other plans. Oh yes, my friends. Whenever I hear a suspicious silence, I look over to find this...

Thinking about how fast 3 months have flown by makes me think about the fact that we were starting college just 10 years ago. Some days it seems like yesterday, but then there are the times I remember all that we've done in that "short" period of time. The best, by far, is experiencing this thing called parenthood. Now I spend my days feeding and cooing, entertaining and cuddling. What could be better? Oh, and let's not forget...dressing up baby.

AHOY, matey!

Henry loves batting at things now. He has even grabbed on and HELD on to toys on his own several times this past week. He's a good little boxer. Jim thinks he is going to be left-handed because he goes crazy-boxing style with his left hand. Boom, boom, boom, bam! Then he looks at me as if to say, "Did you see that mama?" Here is Henry playing with his play gym that MY mama got him. Seriously, it's his favorite past time.

I have heard it said so many times - no one can make baby laugh like daddy. Well, now I know it's true. They don't even have to work that hard! Maybe it's because they aren't shoving their faces within inches of baby's all day begging for attention. Who knows.

Oh daddy...you're so funny.

I am so richly blessed with the things that matter most in this world. Family. Friends. Love.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Drill Sergeant Sam

Someone is getting better at tummy time! No more crying! And if he starts to get lazy, Sam keeps him in line.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

You're no match for me!

These first two pictures are so funny to me and I think lots of moms can relate. You struggle in vain to get the perfect, super-tight swaddle. Baby is all bundled and looking like a gloworm...night night. Then it's time to wake up and what is that arm doing out of its swaddle??

Henry thinks he is funny. Ha ha mom. You can't swaddle me! The best part is when you can hear them on the monitor as they work with all their might to realease themselves once you've left the room. "Ungh, uh, gnnph." It always makes me laugh.

These next two pictures are so sweet to me. I love to watch babies sleep. So sweet and pure. And what a cute outfit! Thanks, Ben (Jeanelle)!!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby chubb rules (see legs)

Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Henry is now sleeping through the night. He's done it 3 nights in a row, so I'm assuming it is the new pattern (don't worry, I've just knocked on wood). He's down from 10 to about 5 and then if he starts crying, I go in and re-swaddle him and after 5 or 10 minutes he is back in night-night land. YES. His naps during the day are now getting a little shorter, but it's a fair tradeoff, I think.

So I've started to notice something when I go out in public, and I'm wondering if I did this to people. Almost every woman (and some men) I see looks at my stroller (which is totally covered up - I could have a bomb in there - you'd never know) then looks at me and smiles at me like I am so cute. Of course, I smile back, but it's very weird. They can't see Henry so it's not a "your baby is adorable" smile (though he is, thank you). The smile is totally for me, even though I'm just a grown up (good grief) woman in sweats and a ponytail, buying milk. I suppose I must look like such a good, loving mommy that everyone wants to award me with smiles! =) Hmm. It'd be cool if they just gave me five bucks instead. Kidding! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 06, 2006


This is Henry's elephant friend...can't you see he likes him?

Tummy time is much improved with the help of Mr. Boppy.

I have to say that life changes when your baby starts to smile. You turn in to a constant entertainer with a reward that warms your heart. It's like he stores up each perfect smile just for me (or whomever he is smiling at) and it never gets old. Yesterday, Henry woke up from a nap and started crying, but when he saw me come in he flashed the biggest smile. Then I was crying! Sweet boy!

On another note, the following are the limits of my vocabulary these days:
"Hi, sweet boy!"
"What are you doing?"
"What do you see?"
"Is that fun?"
"Are you my happy boy?"

Mommyhood is great.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I like night time

This is what Henry looks like most nights at about 6 PM. Apparently, he cannot read his shirt which says, "Happy Moose."

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Try and find me...

Today, I finally put Henry in the super cute camo outfit my mom got him. I realized, even though the size is for an older baby, that holy cow he can wear that now and if he doesn't he may never wear it. He is growing at alarming speed. Anyhoo - isn't he stylish? And we took our first self portrait together...Henry didn't really get the idea.

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Hello world!

Henry is always his most smiley and talkative first thing in the morning, so with both of us home this weekend, we took the opportunity to get some of those smiles on camera. How cute is he?? So cute. If you could only hear what Jim and I sounded like trying to get him to smile over and over...a bunch of dorks high on helium, that's what. But you know what? It's so worth it! I love that he can interact with us now and show us that he likes us (phew!). And how about that double chin... ENJOY!

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