Saturday, August 06, 2011

Look at me! I took pictures AND I blogged-ish!

After a couple months of cool and rainy weather, Oregon finally remembered it was summer and graced us with a full week of warm, sunshiny days.  The boys did a lot of sweating and a LOT of water play.  Bring out the sprinklers! 

Of course, I dusted off the camera (ahem) and thought it would be the perfect time to capture some awesome brother photos!

Why am I always so naive?

Why is it that when you ask a five year old (FIVE YEAR OLD?!  Still getting used to that...) to smile, they hear, "Okay, me face contortion!" ??

Then there are the rude interruptions, such as airplanes flying overhead:

Yes, in fact I did say, "Henry, smile in such a fanatical way that you don't even look like yourself!"

I've read in several different articles that the best pictures of kids are random, spontaneous, not planned.  Do they mean, catch off guard?  'Cause I got pretty lucky with this one:

And then I might have shed a tear at the little boy who stole my baby away from me. 

On a hot day, one must go to all measures to stay cool:

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids:

And last, but not least, you must have fun!

Just remember to never-ever both look at the camera at the same time or if that accidentally happens, make sure that one of you is definitely NOT smiling.  At least, not normally.
One of these days, my two-plus years worth of trying for that perfect "brothers" picture will come to fruition.  Until then, I will be satisfied that I can at least capture how much fun they have together!

Happy Summer!

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