Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having a fun day with nothing to do!

It's nice to just have a day when everyone is healthy and there's nothing that needs to get done that can't wait. Today is that kind of day and we're just playing and being silly.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Day at the Zoo

First of all, I would like to say I am starting to feel better! My doc changed my antibiotics (which were not working) and the new ones seem to be doing the trick. Yay!

So. Last Thursday, Jim took the day off and we took a family trip to the zoo. It was actually a little cooler that day, which was nice for walking around and stuff. We took the MAX, which is a favortite of Henry's. He gets so excited, yelling, "choo choo!" Someday we'll explain the difference between a real train and the lightrail, but for now, he's having too much fun. :)

Here are some random pics of our day:

On our way!

Our first encounter....bears

Then...goats! Someone loves goats!

What, you don't like horseback riding?

Henry had some moments with the goats.

And here.

2 boys and a polar bear

Henry and daddy playing

Henry's first carton of milk
We had such a fun time and the next day we left for a weekend of camping! More later. I can only do so much at once, you know.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Woe is me

So, I was first like, no...I'm not going to blog about this because it is all negative and no one wants to hear. But then I was like, well, blogs are like journals and really, if someone doesn't want to read, then don't! I will apologize up front for any crude language or disgusting terms that come out. My real purpose here is not that people read and feel sorry for me (no, really). It's to vent. Because it hurts so bad to talk. Though I keep doing that...
People, I have strep throat. It sucks. So bad. My throat starting hurting on Sunday and Monday I noticed it didn't look "right," as in yellowish cottage cheese stuck to my tonsils. Super. Go to the doctor. Do you know what he says? "Wow. That's really gross. I don't even need to do a strep test! It's for sure what you've got!" That's nice.
I wasn't actually feeling too bad at that point, just a sore throat. But then, as I was reading to Henry before his nap, I started shivering. Over and over. Hmm, I thought. That's not normal. I got through the reading and fought to get him in bed and went straight to take my temp. 102.7!!! You have to know, I can't remember ever having a fever ever in my entire life. I just don't get sick like that. My mom can back me up on this.
Anyhow, THEN, for over 2 days, I had a headache and a fever of 102.something on and off as the Advil and Tylenol work and wear off. I had the chills, which really, isn't that fun. It made me feel even way more sad for when Henry had them with his fever. Then, once my fever was nice and high, I'd start sweating like a hog. Seriously. Last night Jim even felt the need to point out the bed was all wet. Lovely.
On that note, my husband is my hero. He took lots of time off from work, has put up with all my drama and hasn't complained once. Henry, to say the least, is LOVING having Daddy around so much and screams in protest when he leaves. Jim, you rock. I don't know how I would do it without you - ever. I love you!
Back to me. So if you look online, a dangerous and neurotic past time of mine, WebMD will tell you that most people will start to feel better after 24 to 48 hours of antibiotics. Interesting. Then WHY does my throat still feel like someone took scissors to my tonsils over 80 hours later!!!! I can't eat comfortably so I'm pushing food down my throat because I'm so hungry and cringing the whole time.
Today was actually the first day since early Monday that I felt I had any energy whatsoever. Yay! I did great all day. Then I started feeling tired around 5:30. Incidentally, that is right when Jim got home. Anyhow, I checked my temp before I got in the shower tonight and do you know what it said??? 100.2!!! WHAT?!?!?! Why? When will it end?
You think that is all there could possibly be, BUT YOU'RE WRONG! This is something that is truly uncomfortable. Women who have been pregnant will understand and I guess those of you who have fevers maybe have experienced this. My entire skin surface is super-sensitive. Like when you're pregnant, ladies, and you can't bear to face the shower stream. Again, mom, grandparents - I'm sorry. But my entire body! How not nice! And if something is remotely cold, get out of here! Seriously, I might slap it or the holder of it, whichever is easier to get to.
Do you know how hard it is not to kiss your baby for 4 days in a row?
Okay, I'm feeling a little better now. Not physically, but emotionally. If you even read all this, wow. I am really impressed. I know millions of people have strep throat right at this moment, but I don't know about them so I'm surviving in my bubble for now. Thank you, Blogger for allowing me this chance to vent my frustrations at sickness.
The End

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Because I'm cool like that

I thought I'd post some pics from when we went to have lunch with daddy a couple weeks ago. Henry is SO into his sunglasses, especially if WE'RE wearing them. The number of grown-up things he's starting to do is quite exciting...and unnerving. How do kids learn so much, so quick?? In any case, it's lots of fun to hang out with him these days. Except for when he's having a moment (aka hissy fit after hearing the word, "no"). During those moments he sits on the couch by himself for a few. But anyways...that's not what this post is about!

Enjoy the pics!

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