Thursday, November 03, 2011

Halloween in the Hizzouse!

             How do you make a crazy holiday like Halloween even crazier?  You decide the day before to invite all your friends over to trick or treat!

The night started out with Obi Wan, Obi Wan, Obi Wan and Yoda.  Yoda is in awe of the general Forciness of Obi Wani.  <--get it?  I know.  I should totally do stand-up.


It didn't take long before Yoda realized the Wans' were talking things way too seriously...

But how can you deny that the Force is strong with them?

"Ready for candy, I am."

More Jedi...


And here, you may bask in the glory of our spectacular pumpkin:

Henry designed our pumpkin and I performed the surgery.  Why so sad, you ask?


Why, because Jedi always win!

As soon as darkness fell, our friends began arriving!  There was much rejoicing.

Also, general goofiness.

Aren't they all so cute?  At this point, we were waiting on Henry, who was finding his THIRD trick or treat container of the night.  Because he broke his first bucket and then ripped the back-up bag.  Before we even started. 

There are not many things much cuter than kiddos in their costumes, however, something else grabs my eye in this next pic.  Guess what.

You're welcome!

And here is Nate, trying to use the Force on my camera so we can begin the candy hunt!

Just because... 

I know.  They are SO cute.  I mean, how could you not love this little Princess Puppy?

Here is an example of what it looked like when we arrived at any given door:

Let's just say that some of the homeowners had a slight look of shock when they opened the door.  Likely they were experiencing panic at the possibility of not having enough candy.

Here is the sweetest Cinderella I ever did see:
(also please note the attention Wyatt - aka Yoda -  is paying to that flower pot thing in the background)

Kids have received their candy and walked off and he's...

Well, that was weird.  Luckily, he snapped out of it and yelled "TREAT!" at the nice man.  I think the most fun part for Wyatt was talking about the great candy he just received at one house until we arrived at the next house.  Especially that one house that gave my two year old a full size bag of M&M's. 

It was at this point that Jim and I switched duties (haha...doodies) and I manned the house to pass out candy.  Jim left the camera I handed him on the coffee table.


So I picked it back up when everyone arrived and promptly dumped out their spoils to enjoy the general splendor and choose their One Treat.  Some got a little protective, and rightly so, I say.

Of all the candy (Butterfingers!  100 Grand!  Banana Laffy Taffy!  What?) he received, Henry wanted his One Treat to be...chocolate covered pretzels:

At first, I was confused by this, but then I realized that my son is a genius.  There were like 7 or 8 pretzels in there!

Here is Wyatt opening his SECOND tootsie roll.  There are no more photos of him after this because, well, I like people to imagine he is super-cute and pleasant all the time.  Even after he gets his candy taken away.

Disney cuties:

Abby's hair was the greatest!

Nina helped Princess Puppy open her One Treat,



Someone's been a busy little bee:

Can you spot the minor display of sugar/being with friends/general Halloween coma? 

SO many funny things about this picture!  HA!

To sum it up, it wasn't just was CRAZY FUN!  Adding people you love into the mix of an already good time just makes it awesome.  The kids had a blast and the memories that were made are priceless.  The first thing Henry said as he crawled into bed that night was, "How many more days till we get to do that again?"  Even Wyatt rambled on and on about the fun as he went through his bedtime routine.  His best memories were "Candy!" and "Nina held my hand!"  Priceless.

And now, I leave you with what true joy of a time well had looks like:

And to all, a good night!
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