Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No he didn't something so cute, I thought I'd die.

Henry is very into going up and down the stairs on his own now (thank heavens), with me on the step behind him. Today, as we were heading up for his nap, he would go up a couple steps, then throw his head back (so he was seeing me upside down) and smucker up for a kiss! So that's what we did. Step, step, KISS! Step, step, KISS!

Are you kidding me?! Just when you think there's no possible way you could love your child more, he does something like this. Oh, happy day. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007

Henry's First Candy Cane

I normally stay far, far away from any type of sugar when it comes to Henry's diet (since he eats plenty of everything else) but I thought, "Hey - it's Christmas!" Yes was a mini candy cane. It was fun watching him suck, suck, suck, crack! He absolutely thought it was the best thing. Totally worth the sticky fingers leaving sticky trails all over everything. :)

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny things that happened today

I don't know why but today was a funny day. Maybe not the "I'm busting my gut laughing" sort of funny, but "chuckle, chuckle" kind of funny. Or "aaaaah" kind of funny. What? Anyhow, here's my day:

1. Sarah and Ethan came over this morning so we could work on a song we are doing together next weekend. Pretty much, we had the boom box up so loud my own ears hurt, because Henry was BAM-BAM-BAMming away at the keyboard (after turning it all the way up) and Ethan POP-POP-POPing around the room with a lawn mower toy. No, they did not want to play in the other room with ALL THE TOYS. They wanted to bring ALL THE TOYS to us. Also, Henry wanted to bring Sarah all the Christmas decorations he could get his hands on. Precious.

2. Henry would have nothing to do with me while Aunt Sarah was here. I was trying to save her the burden of picking up our "little" boy but he would have none of it. He'd walk right past me and put his arms out to Sarah. He literally even shrugged away from me. I was apparently in the doghouse for something. At one point, Sarah had both Ethan and Henry on her lap, which doesn't seem all that easy when you also have a baby in your belly.

3. Ethan and Henry were on different sides of the couch. Ethan peeked over and Henry said, "BOO!" at him. We giggled.

4. Today, while Henry and I were coloring, I drew the strangest looking person with weird, spiky hair, a big belly and a HUGE belly button and Henry pointed at it and said, "DAD!" Heee.

5. When I walked into the sanctuary tonight for choir, the worship team was finishing up their last song, which is an African song. I will make this short. Sarah is on worship team. Singing African words. AND SHE HAS TO DO A LITTLE DANCE!!! HA! How cute is a pregnant lady doing a little African jig? I couldn't contain myself.

6. Our dryer started making a weird noise today and long story short, Jim fixed it!!! When I got home from choir, there was a totally torn up toddler sock waiting for me, which was apparently stuck in the blower housing. It just tickled me (yes, tickled) that we a) have these tiny socks in the house, and b) it's what tried to break my dryer.

7. I peeked in on Henry before I took my shower tonight and he was sleeping on his side, blanket pulled up to just past his waist, with his elbow resting on it, and his hands folded together on the pillow. He now sleeps like me!

Anyhow, this blog entry was way too long. And pretty rambling. And even though no one will probably appreciate it except for Sarah, I'm glad I took the time. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving at the beach

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at the coast. Jim already posted a slide show of pics from the weekend, so I am posting a bunch of beach pictures. It was so fun to see Henry really experience the beach now that he's walking. He really loved Haystack Rock, which was literally right out our front window.
Look at me! I can walk on sand!




Henry, who loves rocks, could not contain his excitement for the very enormous (Haystack) rock. Here he is showing Grandpa where they must go.

Me and my baby

Henry was constantly heading straight into the tide pools.

Watching the waves with Dad

Well, hello, sweetheart.

Henry: this?

This place rocks!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grease monkey

Where can one's sixteen month old son spread Vaseline? Let me count the places...
His hands
His face
His clothes
His shoes
The carpet
The window
The window sill
The curtains
His toys
His box of socks
His books
The bathroom cabinets
The tube of Desitin

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I knew it was too quiet...

I turned around for 5 seconds to get a washrag and then he looked like this.


On to other things...

If I were to start a new post now, I would title it "He's Not Just Big." Why, you ask? Henry went for his 15 - 18 month check up today. He is currently just about 16 months. Sigh. Here are his stats:

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 35 pounds
Head: I can never remember this number, but he jumped from the 70th to the 90th percentile

Anyhoo. I relayed some distress over my son's big-ness to the pediatrician, because, well, you know, am I feeding him too much? We all know how good (crazy) an eater he is but am I making it worse by how much he's eating? I just don't want him to be unhealthy. Well, Mr. Pediatrician kind of chuckled at me and said that there are a lot of toddlers that eat more than Henry and are just smaller. He reassured me that eventually his metabolism will catch up and he'll plateau to a more age appropriate size. :) He also reminded me that Henry is proportionate. He's not just heavy, he's tall. Oh yeah. Maybe all the heavy lifting is going to my head. Sweet Sarah, faithful friend as always said that a lot of it must be muscle b/c he can squat so well. This is one of the reasons we all love Sarah. Always finding the positive possibility. Well, all I can say is "Praise the Lord" for my happy, healthy baby! Toddler. ACK!

Oops! This is longer than I planned! Please people, do not think I am obsessing over this. I think it is rather humorous (since the doctor confirmed that Henry is, in fact, doing just fine, thank you) and I just like to go on about things. It's just me!
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. Personality

He smiles

He oooohs

He yells

He smirks

What a nut!
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007

Beautiful Fall Day...with Pumpkins!

Henry is obsessed with pumpkins. He carries them all over the house and is constantly putting them in my lap. Here are some pics of him with pumpkins this morning...and a few more just for fun!

It's an overalls-y kind of day!

Happy pumpkins!

Still, with the rocks...

Dang, I love overalls.

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He also got some watering in...

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Day At the Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday because it was a GORGEOUS day. Henry's first trip to the zoo was fabulous...he loved it! I think he was as excited to see all the kids in their Halloween costumes as he was to see the animals. :) Here are a few pictures to share our fun day.

This was on the MAX. He said he was ready to be there already.

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