Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, you're saying they're brothers...

What is it with my kids that when they hear, "SMILE!" they really hear, "Stick your tongue out and look at the camera!"


So glad for the reprieve of rain.  These boys need some outdoor time, for reals!  They play so  much nicer together outside.  Well, mostly.  Though, I don't think he really meant to do this:

After all, what says "I love you" more than a bunch of sand being thrown at your wet shirt? 

The only element to the sunny weather I do not enjoy is the weeds that have so joyfully popped up all throughout our landscaping.  While my children enjoy the spoils of the sunshiny days to come, I will be in the side yard speaking nicely (<--wrong!) to those cute weeds that explode with seeds as you pluck them and their roots from the ground.  It's like they are saying, "In your face, sucka!"

Anyhow, yay for sunshine!  And hopefully goodbye to the cold Wyatt has had since October!  Yay for un-snotty noses!  Yay for a fenced-in yard that keeps my children safe but out of my hair and unattached to my body!  YAY!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Love Notes

There are parts of me that mourn the passing of time with my children.  And then there are the moments where you absolutely LOVE exactly where they are and how much they've learned.

Why did he make this for me?  Just because.  It is the first one this week?  Not by far.  FIVE has been fabulous.  Not just because (by Jove!) the kid can read and write, but because he understands what being thoughtful means.  And let's be honest...perhaps he's learned to use that to his advantage. ;)

Love my little man!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Some clever title after not blogging for awhile...

Oh dear.  It has been so long since I last blogged, that Blogger has totally changed and everything looks different.  Hmmm.

But first, I must explain.  I mean, I suppose if you who are reading this also have (or have had) children, you understand.  When it was just the one miniature human being, I felt like I had plenty of time on my hands.  Since adding the second, time is slowly seeping away from me. 

Somehow, Henry is almost finished with Kindergarten.  Somehow, since about December, his reading has TAKEN OFF and is his favorite past time.  As in, he reads more than he plays Legos!  Somehow, I manage to make it through each day not bawling at the realization that my son no longer needs my help when words pop up on his video games or on the TV or on that Entertainment Weekly magazine I left on the counter.  He's got this.  Note to self: do not leave Entertainment Weekly sitting about.

Also, somehow, Wyatt will be turning three this month.  Hmmwhat?  There is so much about him that is totally THREE already.  But then there are things that confound me about him.  I really try very  hard not to compare my two boys because Boy Howdy.  They couldn't have more different personalities.  Since I have blogged so much on that subject already, I won't go into detail but I'll share one little example.  The DAY that Henry turned TWO, I threw out all his sippie cups and he from then on drank from a big boy cup.  With much care and responsibility.


So...Wyatt is turning three soon and there is no way in bleep! that I would give him a regular cup.  Not based on ability, because please.  He can drink just fine from a cup.  Oh no.  He thinks it is HILARIOUS to trickle it down his front, or better yet, toss the whole cup on the ground and laugh as the cup and water bounce back.  Hilarious, Wyatt.

This oh-so-funny little guy just has a way about him.  I try to disregard his major affinity for the word "no" and appreciate his desire to live life to the fullest, as they say.  Second to hearing "no" all day, is the sound of quick little feet running as fast as they can in the opposite direction of me with a trailing, "Soooorry, Mooooommy!"  Stinker.

Anyhow, so life has been busy!  Full of good things and good peeps, but busy.  I realized today, that we haven't even picked up a camera in a couple of months.  So, with a renewed spirit of keeping moments alive, I shall dust off that camera and stretch my fingers in the hopes that they will be typing more frequently.  For now, here's a picture that someone else took of us on Easter:

See?  We're still alive!  And happy!