Tuesday, February 28, 2006


What do you do when your husband is out of town and you have a backache?? Call a spa? =)

For all of you reading who are Jim's friends (that's pretty much everyone who is reading), he is doing well in Astoria and went for a lovely run this morning. He has a nice hotel room with a King size bed (enjoy it while you can!!) and heated bathroom floors (ooooh). He says we need to come back together and spend some time b/c there are lots of "fun shops and restaurants in the downtown area." That's right. My husband said fun shops. =) (that better not mean outdoor gear)

I have nothing left that is interesting to share...WAIT! There is a sinkhole on Tualatin-Sherwood Road!!! Can you believe it? I saw it on the news this morning and changed my route to work. Okay, so that wasn't really interesting. Toodle loo!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Raining cats and dogs

Have you ever had a moment where it dawns on you that your dog and cat love your spouse more than you??? I have had this moment. When Jim says "Come," Maddie comes. When I say "Come," Maddie looks at me and keeps on with whatever she is doing! Excuse me?!?! Also, when we let her come up on the bed, Maddie snuggles her face into Jim's neck. If it's just me on the bed, I get to snuggle with her bum.

Then there's the cat. He pretty much jumps up in Jim's lap as soon as he sits on the couch, purring away contentedly. The only recognition I get from him is the "MEOOOOW" which clearly means, "Dude. I'm out of food." WhatEVER.

Sooo...Jim goes out of town and the beautiful, clear forecasts turn to rain. Every day. Just when I am solely responsible for walking Maddie. Booo.

I do not like it when Jim is gone. It makes things feel like something is not right. And the bed is much colder. Luckily, I have made a list of lots of things I plan to get done, so I will be very, very busy and out and about! Hopefully, that means the week will go by faster... Plus, going to bed at 8:00 PM really helps the time fly. =) (On second thought, maybe I'll just sleep a lot).

Monday, February 13, 2006


Guess what, everybody?! Guess who had fun at the Valentines Soiree?? You betcha! None other than our dearly beloved Jim Marr!!

Yes, folks...he laughed at jokes, enjoyed the music so much we bought a CD, had cheesecake, made guesses at the extremely difficult Valentines quiz and talked it up with Clark and Glennie Tanner and Lee and Cheryl Albaugh who were sitting at our table, along with my parents. He even said all the words with sweetness and sincerity when we all had to stand up and renew our vows to each other. I think I even saw a tear...maybe not. But maybe. =)

It's true. He had a good time. Don't let him tell you otherwise!! Men can like soirees, too! It was a really great Valentines gift to be there with him. Awwhhh...

Thursday, February 02, 2006


There is nothing as satisfying as a good orange.

Just thought I'd share what I was snacking on. =) You're welcome.

On another note...you know you've found great friends when they're willing to enter a talent show with you and act like rappers. Even the pregnant one! Sweet. Someone bring a video camera.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thank you, dear...

So Jim and I reinstated our weekly "date night" that we stuck to like glue when we lived in Seattle. We wanted to support a local Sherwood coffee shop, but they all close by 6, so we ended up at the Sherwood Starbucks. At least we know it's good coffee! We had a nice, relaxing time together, even though the rain was pelting down sideways against the windows. Ah, Oregon...

This brings me to the next phase of events. We finish our coffee and Jim says, "Let's go over to Safeway so I can get some snacks for skiing tomorrow." I said that would be fine but then Jim added the words, "Let's just walk." I of course put up a fight, seeing that we might get swept away by the severe winds and torrential downpour, but noooo.

After much whining, I grumpily conceded to Jim's plan. Since I was wearing my glasses, I took them off so I didn't have to deal with streak-time USA while we shopped. This was my mistake. I tried to follow Jim as he sprinted - yes SPRINTED (thank you 6'4" man) across the parking lot. I was in a steady trot far behind him but instead of jumping over all the huge puddles that were sprinkled across the lot like he so gracefully accomplished, I landed right in the middle of every one, since I COULD NOT SEE WORTH BEANS! And then all Jim got was beef jerkey and pork rinds. I got soaked for THAT?!?!

Date night...fun times.