Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shoes and stuff

There is something so satisfying when you know a brand of shoes so well, you can walk in, like how a pair looks, tell how the heel will feel and just purchase them without even trying them on. I have found this brand of shoes - Franco Sarto. I do try them on b/c I'm like that, but I know I don't need too. It feels good.

I also love gift cards that pay for this brand of shoe. =)

I only share that b/c it's been the highlight of my day and Jim needs me to blog so he can feel connected to the rest of his world while he's in Astoria. I'm trying to think of anything else that has crossed my mind that is in any way interesting to share...

My cat is fat and whines too much.

My puppy is cute.

Why do animals follow you all around the house - up the stairs, down the stairs - all the time, every day? Have they not learned that there is no pot of gold (or in their case, pot of treats) at the end of my journey to the closet upstairs? And then to the dishwasher? I think they have a disorder.

It's more fun when Jim's home.

There should be no such thing as meteorology in Portland.

I am 98 % sure I felt our baby kick last night. It was a little "thump, thump...thump" and it was over, but it was the most precious thing I've ever felt. It was also so different than I expected it to feel. It's funny how you have no idea what to expect but then something happens and you just know what it was. Now if only he/she would do it again...

Something my male boss should never share with me: "Does it smell like raw sewage in the women's restroom? It REALLY does in the men's. It smells like, well, nevermind. It just smells bad. (chuckle) Maybe the air freshener is out." Uh...

That's all for now!


Jim said...

Believe it or not, this incredibly eclectic blog makes me miss being home even more. What do you think about getting the cat a feed bag? That way he won't even have to go to the laundry room to get his food. He would be so happy!

Steph said...

Are we going to attach it to his neck? Kitty. So sad.