Tuesday, February 28, 2006


What do you do when your husband is out of town and you have a backache?? Call a spa? =)

For all of you reading who are Jim's friends (that's pretty much everyone who is reading), he is doing well in Astoria and went for a lovely run this morning. He has a nice hotel room with a King size bed (enjoy it while you can!!) and heated bathroom floors (ooooh). He says we need to come back together and spend some time b/c there are lots of "fun shops and restaurants in the downtown area." That's right. My husband said fun shops. =) (that better not mean outdoor gear)

I have nothing left that is interesting to share...WAIT! There is a sinkhole on Tualatin-Sherwood Road!!! Can you believe it? I saw it on the news this morning and changed my route to work. Okay, so that wasn't really interesting. Toodle loo!

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Aj Schwanz said...

Jim said "fun shops"?!! Wow: he really must be missing you. :)

Astoria is a lovely town to get away to - yummy food, hills to walk around, a cool toy store, used book stores, etc.

Unless you can find a masseuse who makes house calls, I *guess* you'll have to go to a spa: bummer! :) :)