Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was about time

I've lived in Oregon for over 12 years now and have never gone berry picking.  Not one time.  So!  Back in September, on a rather boring but beautiful day, Jim and did some research to find a farm close by that still had berries available.  And whaddayouknow?  There's a farm just down the road and they still had raspberries and blackberries.  Henry was SO excited.  We packed up the kids and 5 minutes later, we were there. 

The first realization I had was, Holy Cow!  I've been paying a LOT of money for store bought berries!  The second realization was, Hmmm...this is a great (and fun!) time waster!  Picture me doing this with the kids all the time next summer!

Here is Jim, still smiling because he has only just put Wyatt on his back
(the kid is not a lightweight)


And off he goes!

Henry's strategy was:
1) Pick a berry
2) Eat a berry
3) Once bucket got a teensy bit heavy, dump into Mom or Dad's

Someone ate triple his body weight in berries.  If we were not putting a berry in his mouth, he was yelling.  Loudly.  I won't share diaper stories from later on...

You turn your head for one second and someone sticks his hands in your bucket!

yum yum.

Sweet (loud) boy.

Okay, so I kind of miss his hair.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

I have to say, one of our favorite days of the year is our annual Pumpkin Patch trip. This year we got super-lucky and ended up at the patch on a rainy day.  Why lucky, you ask?  Two reasons: 1) NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE!  and 2) it only drizzled a bit in the beginning, then stopped and did I mention we pretty much had the place to ourselves?  We could take our time with everything.  No lines for the hay ride, pony rides, hay maze slide, etc, etc.  The kids all had so much fun!  Not one of them (save Kaitlyn) didn't have mud on them, but every drop of dirt was worth it.  There was once a time that I would have had a minor panic attack over being so dirty, but better mothers (the mothers that were with me) have helped me change that perspective.  It's much more fun to be dirty!

Here is our day in pictures:

The baby chicks are always a big hit
(mental note: keep chicks away from Wyatt) 

Climbing some hay

Ain't nothin' like a freshly made pumpkin donut!

One the hay ride

One of the cutest faces I've ever seen...

Does anyone know why Jim and I love this next shot so much?

Did you answer "Roy Bunch?" =D
(Okay, I might also get a chuckle about Sarah's peek-a-boo eye)

There is something special about knowing these kids have done this together since birth.

Carson's First Pony Ride!

Henry's First Pony Ride!

Ethan's First Pony Ride!
(but he wasn't happy about it at all)

All of us were stunned that these boys all got on horses, but as you can see, they loved it!


Being reminiscent of a time not too long ago when these three boys were rolly polly babies at a pumpkin patch...Holy Cow, time flies!

Afterwards, Wyatt played with the ladies.

See?  I told ya so.

Definitely a good day.  The kind of day where you are overwhelmed by your blessings in friendships and your love for so many little ones.
Can't wait for next year!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Because I'm cool like that

Just some pics of Joe Cool (aka Wyatt, aka loud one, aka screamsalot).  These pics were obviously taken a couple weeks ago, before the life-changing hair cut.  I couldn't resist posting them for the grands.  Thanks, mom, for the studly outfit!  He certainly is Mr. Flirts-a-lot...ask Jenna. ;)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forever Friend

I realize that most people consider themselves blessed if they have one really good friend. You know, the kind of friend who is always there, always honest, always true. The friend who loves you for you, as cuckoo and flawed as you are. The friend that you would turn over backward for as well.  I am crazy-blessed to have four girlfriends that fit this category. FOUR. Whom I love as sisters and treasure above all earthly possessions.

Today, however, I am focusing on ONE. Because this ONE has been on my mind and heart lately. Partly because she is going through the adoption process right now, and we so badly want to meet the newest addition to their family, which really, is our family. I want to talk to her every day about what is happening, not just on legal papers, but in her heart.  Which brings me to the other reason she's been on my mind. I miss her! Even living about an hour away, I still generally get to see her a couple times a month, but if I could make that a couple times a week, I would. What has got me so teary in gratefulness to our Lord, however, is that EVEN THOUGH I don't see her weekly like I used to, and now our kids are all so busy in preschool and extra activities, and we usually have to plan a couple weeks in advance to have any kind of get-together...NOTHING CHANGES.  She is constant.  Our friendship is steadfast. 

I am thankful for her just because she is Jen.  I am also thankful for her because she has shown me the measure of a true friend.  She has been honest with me, even when it was hard.  She suffered a loss for me but let me rejoice in her gain, even though it was really hard. She is quit-witted and hilarious and I treasure our conversations and similarities.  She is a hard-working, dedicated, consistent, amazing mother, whom I have learned so much from (good stuff - all good!).  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She is a great listener and encourager.  She loves our Lord Jesus and has a pure heart of worship.  She is everything I hope to be in a person and friend! 

Why this sentimental post, Steph?  I don't know!  Sometimes when you've been thinking something so much, you've got to get it out there.  Blogs are a great way to celebrate something like this, because in person, there would be many tears and inadequate articulations.  This way, while there are still tears, I can think and type more clearly! 

Anyhow, I love you Jen!  If there is one particular thing I am always thankful for, it is that you asked me to come sit by you that day in rehearsal at Sleighbells.  I count that the first step to a forever friendship.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marr Family Pumpkin, Take 1

I know, I know...we have a four year old and have never carved a pumpkin together?!?!  Wait.  Maybe that's actually not as uncommon as I might think.  This year is the first time Henry has been SUPER excited about the whole idea of pumpkin carving.  It is also the first year that Jim and I thought it would be really fun to do with him.  Since we had our annual Pumpkin Patch day with our friends this last weekend and picked out Henry's perfect pumpkin (aka Mommy's choice), we were ready to go.  Well, Jim and Henry were ready.  This was their deal.  Ladies, is there nothing hotter than getting to constantly witness your husband being an awesome dad?

Please join us on our pumpkin carving adventure!

First step: removing the top
(note to self: that handy dandy cutting instrument they sell at the patch isn't in fact capable of cutting the top off unless you want multiple blisters and a case of carpal tunnel)

Required: one super-cute kiddo, ready to get to work!

or not...

Here is Dad, painstakingly copying Henry's blueprint of what our pumpkin should look like:

Henry made a tiny dot for the nose.  We improvised.

There is no cutting picture because I went out to buy tea lights, but Jim told me his hand was out of commission thanks to our precious boy's need for the just right mouth.

Jim gets all the credit for that one.  But I get credit for this little guy!

You know those moments when you are so overcome with joy over your children and their accomplishments and excitement for life?  Here was one of mine:

This moment may have made me forget about the battle (screams, tears) over not playing video games a few hours earlier...

This moment might have made me snort by accident:
Peekaboo, piggie!
The End
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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Can you tell which of these children consistently sweat off their generously applied sunscreen this summer and which did not?

Yikes, whitey!
In other news, look who has joined us at the big-people table!

Yes, this roll is his meal.  He is currently on the B.R.A.T. diet for reasons I shall not go into detail on, and refuses to eat toast or rice.  So this is his dinner.  One cannot eat only applesauce and banana all day, right?
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