Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday with lots of sun

Oh my goodness. Let me start by saying I love being an assistant. I love feeling like I help the executives of our company finish projects and complete processes. I love hearing "thank you" every single day. However, it is very hard to be the assistant of both the President AND Vice President!! I get torn in a million different directions sometimes! Today is not so bad, but it makes me laugh when every time I go to sit down, one of them walks in with something new and off I go to scan it, copy it, type it, review it, file it, etc. As soon as I get back, it's the other! I'm so tired! =P

I'm so excited b/c Jim comes home tonight!! YAH! Maddie is desperate to see him. I am, apparently, not enough for her. I come home and she wags her tail and takes my pats for a minute but no sooner am I through the kitchen that she is plopped facing the door to the garage waiting for Jim to come home. I walk her, feed her, pick up her poo, and still do not satisfy her little heart like her dear, sweet Jim. Pfft. Animals.

On a happier note for me, Sam doesn't seem to notice Jim is not home. As long as someone is filling his food bowl, he is fine. I'm sure I will take that statement back when Jim walk through the door (MEOOOW, PRRRPRRR, MEOW), but whatever.

You know, it's a funny business- wishing for things. Doesn't it often turn out that you wish for something with all your might and when it comes, it knocks you over with full force? Yes, well, a few weeks ago I was saying how I just wanted my tummy to grow so I could have reassurance my baby was growing. And hello! All of a sudden I'm an Easter Egg! Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but I feel like I'm much bigger than either of my dear best friends who were just recently pregnant were at this stage. I suppose I will have to embrace it! =D

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Jason said...

What what? This is the first I've heard about a bebe. Many congratulations to you guys!