Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing if not determined!

I got an early birthday present today from my old boss, and in true fashion, she stuffed the gift with bags of candy. A pregnant woman's best friend! On the ride home, Henry asked to hold the gift bag and being the super-nice mom that I am said, "Sure!"

A few minutes later:

Henry: I want to eat this candy, mommy.
Me: Not right now Henry. Maybe a few pieces after lunch, ok?
Henry: No. I want some now.
Me: Well, sorry bud. Not right now.
(pulls out cellphone to call Becky)
Henry: mmm.

About 10 minutes go by...
I'm thinking to myself, what a good kid I have. He's so quiet back there. Sweet boy.

Me: Hey bud, whatcha thinking about?
(turns around to glance quickly at him)
Henry: (chewing away) It's yummy!
Me: What the?!?!

People. He knawed his way to the sugary deliciousness.

The victim:

Sigh. Well, I can't scold him really. #1, I let him hold the bag. #2, I'm pretty sure I would have done the very same thing at his age. Mom's on the phone...I can chew pretty quietly... So I just laughed and took the jellybeans from him. He got sad and there was a tear, but I told him I'd give him a few after lunch and as soon as he realized he wasn't in trouble, was happy again.

What a nut!
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Counting the days till summer...

I cannot wait to be able to go to the park any day of the week. Wow, does it make Henry a happier boy! He could go and go all day and never want to go home. It's also nice for me, who doesn't have to do much but watch. :) My friends and I have talked a lot about how with each new stage of childhood, there are better things and worse things you have to deal with. Definitely, one of the better things at Henry's age is that I can pretty much trust his safety at the playground. It used to be constant vigilance and minor heart attacks at any slight movement in the wrong direction...but no longer. I still stand pretty close to wherever he is - he is only 2 1/2 after all - but it's so much more enjoyable to watch him explore and run and play without worrying over his every step. There is still a little overprotective watching, as Henry's height (okay, and weight) makes him so big on the play sets made for the 2 - 5 age group and he prefers the age 5 - 12 sets. I am therefore watching for the bigger kids to NOT trample my little guy. Luckily, the times we go to the park are usually school times for bigger kids. So far, no casualties! At the playground this week, there was a kid who was probably 4 or 5 swinging and jumping onto things that were way beyond Henry's wildest imagination of motor skills. Still, Henry leans forward as if he's going to jump right off the platform and copy the other little boy. I, with thoughts of emergency rooms in my head, caught his little tummy with my hand and told him he wasn't big enough to do that yet. At precisely that moment, the other kid had swung back onto the platform and was standing right next to Henry...the very same height. Henry looks him right in the eye...down to his toes...back up again. Sigh. I'm sure Henry is utterly confused. I need to say "old enough."
There is really nothing like the pure joy Henry has written all over his face when we arrive at a playground. He can't unfasten his car seat fast enough! I know this will be a treat for me as well, when I'm too ginormous to do anything else before Wyatt's arrival and too tired afterwards. :) God bless the man who invented the playground!
We were lucky to get out to the park twice this week before the rain blessed us once again (this morning). Here's one of the days where I actually remembered my camera:

You gotta love the self portrait attempts with kids! Either someone's not looking or someone's head is cut off!

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