Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is my life

Here's me...ready to have our baby!
I am going to give birth while Portland is experiencing triple digit temperatures. I know it. And then, the city will be using so much power, what with all the A/C demand, that our hospital will lose its power. Can that happen? Hmmm...maybe that doesn't make sense. Hospitals have to have some serious back-up generators or something to keep people well and living, right? Yes. That is what I will cling to! Although, maybe that is just to keep machines running and not so much for the A/C. Dang.

Here's me from the side...WOAH!
Maybe I should be more concerned about our A/C working when we get home. Poor hot baby! I know all the born and raised Oregonians are saying "Get over yourself! We've been doing this for years!" I can't help it! I was raised where if it's hot outside, you pump your A/C!!!

Last but not least, our super-cute crib waiting for baby.
Doesn't it look like he'll be so comfy? Then why is he not coming?? Come out little one! Make your presence known! I am ready for you! (As you can see, I am technologically challenged and cannot erase or rotate this picture now that I have placed it here. Sorry!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is the type of decor you use when your daddy works at Nike...

And your uncle. And your other uncle.


If I do jumping jacks, will the baby come?

And I quote...

"Well, that's a nice size baby you've got in there!"
Spoken yesterday by doctor, while viewing amniotic fluid on ultrasound.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Baby, oh baby, you're precious to me
Still kicking and squirming and swelling my feet
It's hard to believe that so soon you'll be here
Filling our hearts with such love and such cheer
We've waited for you, we have prayed for the day
That we'll welcome you home, where you'll live, grow and stay
Your daddy and I so await your debut
To see your sweet face and to say "We love you."

Monday, July 10, 2006

A thought...and a new vow

I am making a promise to myself that I intend to keep forever. If a pregnant woman ever tells me she is tired, I am going to empathize with her and remind her of how much it is worth it! Especially if this pregnant person is super close to giving birth. Why do people feel the need to constantly say, "Pfft. It only gets worse."??? How does that help anyone? I would think it actually gets BETTER at some point and that you should encourage them toward that thought. So what if it takes a year to get there? I think it is important to validate pregnant women and how they are feeling. Not make them feel like poo. This is my lifelong goal now. =)

**And FYI - none of my friends or family have made me feel this way whatsoever! It's some people at work and random people who shouldn't be offering their advice to me anyways! Leave me alone! =P

Friday, July 07, 2006

For Roy...

This post is dedicated to Roy Bunch, who wants to know how we are doing in our 9th month of pregnancy (WAY past 7th!!).

We are great! It is a bit hot, but not too bad. I am big and my body gets sore, but sitting down with my feet up feels great. My ankles swell by the end of the day but at least it's not my face (yet). Sometimes my emotions get the best of me, but I have a terrific husband who talks me off the ledge. =D I would say that physically speaking, I am ready to just have the baby! I can't wait to bend over the sink to pluck my eyebrows again or tie my shoes or use my hands to pick things up off the ground rather than my toes! But I am looking forward to a few weeks of rest before the big welcome for little Henry.

Jim is handling pregnancy quite well. =) I'm sure I am a constant source of entertainment for him as I explain (not whine, thank you) all the woe's of my poor body. He is very accomodating and I am very appreciative. He is doing great at his new job and enjoying the different company culture that NIKE offers. I am so happy for him.

That's an update! Woohoo for me!