Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Something to be thankful for

This post is totally random, but totally necessary.

Today, I finally began the process of sending baby pictures of Henry to Costco for printing.  No biggie.  It's just almost six years later.  :/
Anyhow.  After I chose the first batch, I couldn't help but keep looking at the thousands of pictures we took of our first child.  How can you not?  How in the world is my first baby almost SIX?  When did he lose all that chub-a-dub?  Why in the world did we take so many pictures of him doing the same thing?
How did I get so lucky that he was surrounded by little boys who would be his bestest friends from birth?  I love coming across old pictures of Henry and his buds when they were but mere babes.  They had such love even then!  Also much fighting and crying over toys, but I can hardly remember that.  *cough*
You know who else they all loved to pieces?  Aunt Becky.  No exaggeration, all our kids have always loved Becky.  Like, in a they all flock to her when she's around kind of way.  I saw these pictures and had to post them, 'cause I think it's obvious why they do.  Look at how she loves those boys!  Look how much they love her! (and her fruit!)  Nate is curiously missing, but we were at his house, so I know he is there. :)

Cute, eh?  (<---that's for you, Jenna!)  Also, fun to remember that there were 3 babies cooking in their respective ovens, getting ready to join the crew.  I love looking back at my glowing, precious friend, with her firstborn in her belly, lovin' on all our boys.  Little did she know that 5 years later, I'd be looking at these pics with tears in my eyes!

Love you, Becks!