Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do the diaper dance!

Work it, work it!

And a kick!

And I would like to thank my mommy, for encouraging my dancing and also my daddy for supporting the diaper look.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunriver Getaway!

The Marr family went on a 5 day vacation to Sunriver (thanks to my awesome former boss). We had such a great time together! It is so fun to see how much more Henry enjoys things as he gets older. Enjoy the following posts and pictures ( I think there are 5 posts)!
First morning destination: bike ride to the donut shop for breakfast.

Henry was so excited to leave, even though he didn't know what a donut was.

So sad! The donut shop was temporarily closed, so we biked over to the grocers for some Entemann's. Henry didn't mind! Bonus: very first chocolate milk!

I love donuts!

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Hiking at Benham Falls

Henry went on his first hike...and did great! Well, he did need a lot of shoulder rides on the way back, but he had so much fun. I think it had something to do with Ethan being there. Just a guess. How fun for us that Sarah and Eric planned a Sunriver getaway the very same week we did! The boys were in heaven (and giggles).

My boys

Family picture! Thanks, Sarah!

The boys...taking off...literally the minute they were out of their cars!

Skipping along (or being dragged, either one)

Henry, in a rare moment of outward affection

Henry: I think I'm done touching now
Ethan: But...

Ethan: Hold my hand!!!!

Isn't it sad? It was a huge achievement for Henry to have held his hand at all, though, so I was proud. :)
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Morning playtime

Henry was so happy every morning so playing with him was lots of fun. Jim did most of the playing while I was getting ready, but I was able to catch some video of them involved in one of their made-up games (see below).

My happy boy

Morning kisses

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And for the main event...

A morning for walking

We spent one morning in Bend, browsing downtown and walking along the Deschutes River.

Henry has an obsession with ducks and we saw about a million, so he was in heaven. Also, there were a lot of geese. And lots of goose poo. Yummy.

Can you tell he's having fun?

On the bridge...saying "cheeeese"

The skipper, at a playground near the river

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Fun at the park with the Thompsons

On Saturday, we went on a bike ride with the Thompson's to the park for the boys to run around and release some energy. All I can say is, they are so cute. They just followed each other around - slide after tunnel after merry-go-round. :)

Okay, so I had some fun, too

They got so much exercise and cold air, we though for sure they would nap like champs.


What was the most fun about this day? OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE FOR DINNER!!! If only we could have captured Ethan and Henry's interaction at dinner. It was really too funny for words. My favorite part was when Sarah leaned over and said, "Um, your son is telling my son to pick his nose. And put it in his mouth." AAAAHHH!

Random happenings

Here the last few pics I wanted to post - just random shots of some things we loved on vacation.

The baby deer in the backyard in the morning

The swimming pool


Thanks for sharing our vacation with us. :) We had so much fun just being together and sharing so many new experiences with Henry. Being a parent is truly life's greatest blessing. We wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

New things

We try to keep it real in the Marr household by doing new things every now and then. One new recreational activity is finger painting, thanks to the Tompkins' gift of an easel. Of course Henry loves this past time, but he does comment the entire time about the state of his messy hands. I'm trying to teach him that messiness in moderation is okay.
Unsure of how to begin

Getting into it now...

My little Monet

We also trying out some new snacks. I made up some ants on a log and Henry was SO excited. He popped the raisins in his mouth, licked the peanut butter and said "All done this." Hmmm. I thought he was ready for celery since his 2 year molars are popping through, but I don't think he quite knows the strength of his own mouth yet. If it had been a hard cookie, I'm sure he would have persevered, but oh well.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Nice days are nice

For eating green popsicles

and helping daddy wash mom's car.

Time has not been my friend in regards to posting lately, so I thought I'd better post something quickly for the grandparents out there. Though he is wearing the same shirt as the previous post, these pics were taken on Monday when Jim and Henry cleaned my filthy car after the guys took it to the wilderness. Henry loves him some soapy water. He kept chanting, "Henry wash car!" I hope he still feels that way when he's old enough to do it himself.

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