Thursday, March 09, 2006

Today is a day of constant ups and downs (in regards to excitement).

I wake up to a lovely blanket of snow (Ooooh, pretty!).

I turn on the news - hear that it will soon turn to rain (Aw, man!).

I'm at work, it starts to snow again, pretty heavily (Sweet! We'll get to go home soon!).

It starts to rain. (Grrrr...)

It's snowing again! Huge flakes! Sticking to the cars! (I wonder what's happening at my house?!?! Should I go home??)





Oh well. It was pretty while it lasted. But I'm not so sure it's over.

Ack! It's time for lunch! No wonder I'm hungry!!

PS Jim, Maddie was SO excited in the backyard this morning. Paw prints everywhere!

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eets said...

total memories for me. My dad used to do "yay / boo" stories. It usually goes something like...

There once was a beautiful princess. (then all the kids would say "yay!!"

She was trapped in a dungeon ("boo!!")

Anyway, good memories thanks for the random blog.