Monday, October 04, 2010

You can only take so much

Hair, that is. And when it is sweaty, it is crazy all over the place. Continuing to follow the little chap around with scissors was either going to a) make me crazy, or b) result in a bleeding ear. What's a mom to do?


That's what.

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Nina said...

Kiss that sweet face any way you cut it!!

Becky said...

STOP IT! He couldn't be any cuter!!

Roy B. said...! I love that new haircut! Wyatt looks like he should be a contestant in a Cutest Baby in Portland Contest. Adorable.

Roy B. said...

Can you tell that last comment did not come from Roy? Once again, I made a girlie comment and forgot that Roy was signed in.
Love, Jo

Tibbslove said...

Oh gosh. He's dreamy. What a precious little man! Love the haircut.

butters said...

There's my little stud muffin. I love his hair, I think you can see the blue"ness" of his eyes even more now. And yes Steph... he's YOUR son, holy cow... I think he looks like his mama. Love him.