Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forever Friend

I realize that most people consider themselves blessed if they have one really good friend. You know, the kind of friend who is always there, always honest, always true. The friend who loves you for you, as cuckoo and flawed as you are. The friend that you would turn over backward for as well.  I am crazy-blessed to have four girlfriends that fit this category. FOUR. Whom I love as sisters and treasure above all earthly possessions.

Today, however, I am focusing on ONE. Because this ONE has been on my mind and heart lately. Partly because she is going through the adoption process right now, and we so badly want to meet the newest addition to their family, which really, is our family. I want to talk to her every day about what is happening, not just on legal papers, but in her heart.  Which brings me to the other reason she's been on my mind. I miss her! Even living about an hour away, I still generally get to see her a couple times a month, but if I could make that a couple times a week, I would. What has got me so teary in gratefulness to our Lord, however, is that EVEN THOUGH I don't see her weekly like I used to, and now our kids are all so busy in preschool and extra activities, and we usually have to plan a couple weeks in advance to have any kind of get-together...NOTHING CHANGES.  She is constant.  Our friendship is steadfast. 

I am thankful for her just because she is Jen.  I am also thankful for her because she has shown me the measure of a true friend.  She has been honest with me, even when it was hard.  She suffered a loss for me but let me rejoice in her gain, even though it was really hard. She is quit-witted and hilarious and I treasure our conversations and similarities.  She is a hard-working, dedicated, consistent, amazing mother, whom I have learned so much from (good stuff - all good!).  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She is a great listener and encourager.  She loves our Lord Jesus and has a pure heart of worship.  She is everything I hope to be in a person and friend! 

Why this sentimental post, Steph?  I don't know!  Sometimes when you've been thinking something so much, you've got to get it out there.  Blogs are a great way to celebrate something like this, because in person, there would be many tears and inadequate articulations.  This way, while there are still tears, I can think and type more clearly! 

Anyhow, I love you Jen!  If there is one particular thing I am always thankful for, it is that you asked me to come sit by you that day in rehearsal at Sleighbells.  I count that the first step to a forever friendship.

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Brazenlilly said...

Uh...I'm afraid that doing this on a blog has not saved me from the FLOOD OF TEARS! You have no idea how God has used you today and a million other times to encourage me and hold me just when I need it most. You are so dear and precious to me! Thanks for this super special and over-the-top shout out. ;)

butters said...

Uh -oh, I'm teary eyed now too! Such a beautiful picture of Jen, who is such a beautiful person. So easy to love and want to be with... she's just so.. much.. fun! Love you too Jen and yes, you deserve all the "shout outs" in the world. Well done Steph.