Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marr Family Pumpkin, Take 1

I know, I know...we have a four year old and have never carved a pumpkin together?!?!  Wait.  Maybe that's actually not as uncommon as I might think.  This year is the first time Henry has been SUPER excited about the whole idea of pumpkin carving.  It is also the first year that Jim and I thought it would be really fun to do with him.  Since we had our annual Pumpkin Patch day with our friends this last weekend and picked out Henry's perfect pumpkin (aka Mommy's choice), we were ready to go.  Well, Jim and Henry were ready.  This was their deal.  Ladies, is there nothing hotter than getting to constantly witness your husband being an awesome dad?

Please join us on our pumpkin carving adventure!

First step: removing the top
(note to self: that handy dandy cutting instrument they sell at the patch isn't in fact capable of cutting the top off unless you want multiple blisters and a case of carpal tunnel)

Required: one super-cute kiddo, ready to get to work!

or not...

Here is Dad, painstakingly copying Henry's blueprint of what our pumpkin should look like:

Henry made a tiny dot for the nose.  We improvised.

There is no cutting picture because I went out to buy tea lights, but Jim told me his hand was out of commission thanks to our precious boy's need for the just right mouth.

Jim gets all the credit for that one.  But I get credit for this little guy!

You know those moments when you are so overcome with joy over your children and their accomplishments and excitement for life?  Here was one of mine:

This moment may have made me forget about the battle (screams, tears) over not playing video games a few hours earlier...

This moment might have made me snort by accident:
Peekaboo, piggie!
The End
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butters said...

Love the peekaboo piggy. That's hilarious. Just hidding in the background. And yes Jim deserves an award... those are some crazy pumpkin lips! Great job Marr family. So cute.

sarah said...

Best pumpkin mouth ever! Great pictures of Henry on the steps. I too love Wyatt wanting to be in on the pictures =).

Danielle Brown said...

Love the Wyatt in the Window pictures - too cute!