Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was about time

I've lived in Oregon for over 12 years now and have never gone berry picking.  Not one time.  So!  Back in September, on a rather boring but beautiful day, Jim and did some research to find a farm close by that still had berries available.  And whaddayouknow?  There's a farm just down the road and they still had raspberries and blackberries.  Henry was SO excited.  We packed up the kids and 5 minutes later, we were there. 

The first realization I had was, Holy Cow!  I've been paying a LOT of money for store bought berries!  The second realization was, Hmmm...this is a great (and fun!) time waster!  Picture me doing this with the kids all the time next summer!

Here is Jim, still smiling because he has only just put Wyatt on his back
(the kid is not a lightweight)


And off he goes!

Henry's strategy was:
1) Pick a berry
2) Eat a berry
3) Once bucket got a teensy bit heavy, dump into Mom or Dad's

Someone ate triple his body weight in berries.  If we were not putting a berry in his mouth, he was yelling.  Loudly.  I won't share diaper stories from later on...

You turn your head for one second and someone sticks his hands in your bucket!

yum yum.

Sweet (loud) boy.

Okay, so I kind of miss his hair.
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Anonymous said...

Well, I must say I never berry-picked in October!!! But, have I ever told you how me and your aunties got up at 4 a.m. every week day in the summers to go berry-picking to make money for our school supplies...oh, I did?!! I don't think it was quite as much fun as what you've depicted here!! It looks like a wonderful glad you got to do it! Maybe next summer we can go when I'm there :) love you!

Jo B. said...

What fun! If you haven't read Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey you should read it to the boys. It's a special shared book for Carson and me. Sal, Sal's mother, Little Bear and Little Bear's mother get mixed up on Blueberry Hill. There is a lot of eating berries before they get home to can them for winter. It's a classic!

Nina said...

How wonderful to find your own farm near your home for berry picking. Looks like it may end up being a yearly family traditions=) Nothing like having a mouth full of warm berries to eat right from the bush.The two pictures of Wyatt give a perfect visual. My mouth is watering.Henry has the perfect colors for a berry picking pose. What I want to know is if any made it home for a winter berry pie?

Brazenlilly said...

I love when you post pictures! And i also love berry picking. They are totally GF. ;)

sarah said...

Looks like the kids had a great time! Half the fun is eating while you pick them =). Yummy! How great that there is a place right by your house.