Monday, November 29, 2010

That's what uncles are good for

My brother was here for a couple days and Henry took good advantage of the play time that was offered him.  Leave it to Jeremiah to take what we usually make gentle-ish sword play into all-out-hard-core sword fighting.  This is only a small portion of their fight to the end.  As you can see, it "ended" more than once. 

My favorite part is when Henry "gets" Jeremiah, Jeremiah acts "gotten" and Henry then plops himself over like he was "gotten" too.  Little nut.

Come back soon, Jeremiah!  (and Lauren!)


Nina said...

Boys will be boys no matter what the age especially uncles(: I sure do love those two. I am blessed to have gotten a hug from Henry one day and Jeremiah the next!!! Thank you for this special post.

Lauren said...

My computer is acting funny and I can't watch the video. :( I'll try again later. So glad he got to hang w/you guys! I sure do wish we were closer so we could visit w/you and our cute lil nephews.


Jovial J said...

Oh the joys of 4 year old boys! Having grown up in a house of girls, I was a little perplexed by the need for fighting, wrestling, chasing, etc. that now is part of our daily routine. I love Henry's flop at the end - so dramatic. I have NO IDEA where that comes from. *Ahem* ;-)