Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a difference a (school) year brings

Remember this little boy?

It is hard to believe this was 9 months ago on Henry's first day of preschool. I felt like I was not ready for such a big change! He has done so well in school, loves his teachers, loves his friends. He loves the things they learn and play each day. He has grown in so many ways and I am so thankful for his teachers, who have loved each of Henry's classmates in such a special way. Henry has come out of his shyness shell SO much this year, thanks to his preschool. I am so proud of all he has learned and accomplished as a 3 year old! He cannot wait to be a big boy in the 4 year olds class come September.
Here is our big (almost 4 year old) boy today, on his last day of 3 yrs preschool:
I can't believe how much less of a toddler and so much more of a little boy he looks!
Wyatt was also proud of his big bro and wanted to pose with him:

So blessed!

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butters said...

Just reading those words, "so blessed" gives me goosebumps. We are my sweet friend, we truly are. I love the pictures and may be posting similar ones of Nate soon. Henry has come so far and it's been so fun to witness it firsthand. I sure love you guys, you're such an amazing family.

Jim said...

Yeah, those are the best pictures ever.

Brazenlilly said...

Oh my word in honor that last picture is priceless! We're so proud of Henry and love watching these boys grown up. I had a kid in my 4th grade class today that reminded me a lot of Henry--looks and personality. He has dimples and short, dark-blonde hair, was very SWEET and honest and quiet when you first get to know him. :)

Nina said...

Dear Henry,

I am so very proud of you! You are smart,loving,and kind and I know Jesus is very,very, proud of all you do. You will teach your little brother Wyatt great things! I love you lots and lots XOXO

Becky said...

Love these pictures. I have days when I wish our kids wouldn't grow up so fast, but then I'm reminded of what amazing little people they're becoming, and it sure makes me smile. What joyful, sweet boys you have! Love them both!

miss badd azz said...

well i hope u are having a great week your boys are so cute and keep being a good mom