Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Kid

Sometimes, I don't know what to do with this kid:

He's at that age (almost 4!) where many things are a daily battle and time-outs are a plenty. He is trying to figure out how life works, what his role is and how much we are truly paying attention. One little slip in consistency and BAM! Back to square one.

The (not so) funny thing is that all the disobeying or talking back, etc. isn't what is getting to me the most right now. It's the screaming. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, and if you have spent any length of time with dear Henry, then you have witnessed it first hand; Henry is a screamer. He is loud when he cries in general, but good grief, if he falls's time to pull out the ear plugs or you might very well end up with hearing damage. I've fought myself with this issue for a long time - I didn't want to be the mom that told my kid to buck it up and stop being so dramatic. I want him to experience emotions. I want him to know it's okay to be sad, heck, it's totally okay if you want to cry. You can even be mad. But child. STOP. SCREAMING. Everyone within a mile thinks that you just had a leg removed. You think I'm exaggerating, but alas, I am not.

Look, isn't he sweet?

You should see him when he's got his head thrown back and mouth open so wide you can not only see his tonsils, you can see about 5 inches down his throat. It's lovely. What's a mom to do? Eat crack (aka Muddy Buddies) of course.

Luckily, Henry is not skinning his knee or getting a splinter or hitting his funny bone every minute of the day. A lot of our day is full of laughter ('cause honestly, kids at this age are hysterical) and proud feelings for my oldest son who is such a kind and loving big brother. I genuinely love to spend time with him. I love how his mind works and puts things together. I love his sense of humor and creativity. His imagination is something so big that not even our house can contain it. I love how excited he gets when we do just about anything together. I love how he wants to be just like his daddy and wants Wyatt to be just like him. He is a good kid. He is a sweet kid.

But gracious, he can scream. How do you make a 3-almost-4 year old understand how to scream on the inside but be tough on the outside? Henry gets very serious when we talk about it and says he understands about how the screaming scares people. How people will think he has broken both arms and possibly his legs when really, someone just stepped on his foot.

If you think those discussions have made any difference thus far, you are mistaken. It's a good thing I love this kid:

If only he knew how much I would give up only to be able to pucker up and kiss this face every day.

But seriously, stop screaming.

PS If you have never had Muddy Buddies, do not look up the recipe. It is highly addictive and my friends, it is not good to be addicted to crack.

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Brazenlilly said...

Aw, we love that kid! But yes, I hear ya on the screaming. The complete meltdowns send me on the path to insanity. And how come we're not allowed to scream like that?!

butters said...

Ohhh I love this post, possibly because I have lived two of these "episodes" along side you the last two days. Oh and I love that Henry, even though he may think aunt Jenna is a big meanie.(:

I love the pictures and I love in my head knowing the full extent of the scream you are describing. You are doing great with it Steph and today... the scream was not so intense and not so loud, and it didn't go on for long... so it really won't last forever!

I also agree with Jen... why can't we just have a tantrum now and then?! Oh wait... maybe I do.(:

Ohhh and the crack, bring it on. You make me laugh. Love you friend.

woosterweester said...

OH.MY.WORD. You are killing me!! So funny. I mean, I know it's not funny, but your writing about it is hysterical. I can relate to so many things you mentioned. All three of my girls went through horrible screaming stages. Once we were even asked to leave a restaurant because of it. It was fantastic. (Maisey is just now growing out of that one. But oh help me if I slip on the consistency...we've spent a lot of time at square one.:))

But on another note, I can relate to the talking with your three year old (Eva), having a seemingly productive conversation (ours is about actually listening to anything mommy says instead of tuning me out for every little thing) and then have them nod their little heads in agreement and go right back to the same behavior.
I am raising my yogurt pop to you right now and echoing your sentiment: "Thank goodness we love them so much!" (Now I just wish I had some muddy buddy crack.)

Jovial J said...

Does he do it in the car? The screaming? Our screamer loves the car - she'll throw out her most fierce, bust-your-eardrum screams for when I am driving. I finally pulled over and let her stand on the sidewalk (all the while expecting strangers to leave their homes wondering who was murdering the child outside) and told her that she needed to be quiet before she could get back into the car. We stood, on the sidewalk, in the rain, for a good 10 minutes. Seemed to work (except when driving on the freeway). Hasn't stopped the screaming at home, but helped the screaming in the car. Your right. Good thing we love them. Just know, you are not alone.

Nina said...

Love our silly,screaming, smart, handsome,creative,loving, Henry. My heart melts when he says my name and wants to do a project(; A crazy day calls for a special snack for Mama!!

Danielle Brown said...

Oh I hear you Steph... Abby doesn't scream, but WHINING and ARGUING with EVERYTHING is just as bad some days. Becuase it goes on, and on, and on, and well you know...
Some days I think I'm really getting thru and then 1/2 way thru "the talk", I get "But, Mommy"... I swear, If I hear "But, Mommy..." one more time *I* might scream like Henry!