Friday, May 07, 2010

Sleeping babes

What is it with sleeping babies that can captivate you for minutes (dare I say hours? for newborns, of course) on end? Jim and I check on the boys every night before we go to bed and always get a good chuckle out of their sleeping positions or just general cuteness. It's one of my favorite moments of the day. No matter how rough the day was, or how whiny and obnoxious, or how sick and snotty my kids were; when they are resting peacefully, I am so easily overwhelmed only by my immense love for them.
I also love getting my babies from their naps. If they've slept too long and it could impede on bedtime, I get super-excited to experience those waking-up moments. Note that I said "babies." This does not include Henry so much anymore. Woken up in the morning, he is very sweet and suddenly full of energy for the day. Woken up from a nap (which occurs every blue moon these days), it's like we've taken an unexpected trip to Grouchland. Anyhow, Wyatt, like his brother as a babe, is fun to wake up. He is confused at first, and groggy, and then very excited to see you. Of course, when an opportunity presents itself, you must take pictures!
Rock-a-bye, baby
This is when you have to overcome your intense desire to smooch them into oblivion:

Because I know you're all dying to experience my life first-hand, I got it all on video!

Isn't he sweet? Yes....well....most of the time, anyway! He has become somewhat of a mama's boy and thus slightly burdening as of late. Still sweet, though. And heavy.


While we're on the subject of waking up, what the morning hair?

One more bit of Wyatt news...he got his first knot on his forehead, compliments of big brother's monster truck. Being flung in his general direction by said big brother. To Henry's credit, it was an accident and he was only flinging the thing to show me the monster truck's cool flipping tricks. Somehow, the truck flung the opposite of intended direction. Henry immediately ran over and said sorry with a hug for his screaming brother- which was very sweet - if only Wyatt cared about such things. Of course, he did still care about putting on the mack for this picture.

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butters said...

Oh my goodness I love it all. Especially the "what the morning hair?!" And the baby "mack" picture. I love those baby "mack" eyes of yours(i mean his) :).

Thanks for the sweet post.

Nina said...

Happy Mothers Day Stephanie! I can see why Wyatt got so excited after his nap. He is so happy Jesus picked you to be his mommy. Those two boys will always be your babies(: Thank you for sharing these precious sleeping pictures. My b/p just went down. Love you