Sunday, May 30, 2010


Baby, you turn one today.
You have brought more joy to this family than you can know. You are a constant stream of smiles, giggles and emphatic blabbering. If you hear someone around you laughing, you join on in, whether or not you know what they're laughing at. You do not hoard your food in your mouth like your brother did. like to throw it all over the kitchen for fun. You like to chuck your sippy cup off your high chair and shake your head at the same time, knowing we are about to say "No no." You love remote controls and scream when they are taken away from you. You are a busy, busy boy. You crawl with purpose at the speed of light, with your head down and your hands slightly turned inward. You get into everything - opening every cabinet and every drawer within reach (including the toilet seat). You love playing with cars and giving them sound effects. You love your big brother, even when he is not necessarily being what we call gentle. When you hear him in another room, you turn his direction and call, "bruber?" It is also the first thing you say when we come to get you in the morning. You love to be a part of waking him up and screech like a banshee when you see him. You can't say "dada" enough when your daddy enters the room, and you still have a special smile that is only for him. You are a serious "mamamama"'s boy and while at times it can be slightly annoying to not get to hand you off, I secretly love that you love to be near me.
This year has gone by too fast and I am struck with the reality that you are almost not a baby anymore. Part of me wants to put the brakes on and keep you this way forever, but I also know that there are such fun times to come. As far as we know, you are our last baby, and while there is some mourning on my part because of it, I have great joy in knowing what sweet babies I was given in you and your brother. I am easily overwhelmed and brought to my knees in thanks for you both.
Daddy, Henry and I love you so much and are so happy to celebrate this first anniversary of your birth.

Yes, you loved your cake. Down to the last reachable crumb.
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butters said...

Oh Steph, such a sweet post. I sure love that little squealer and feel so thankful that I get to be an "auntie." I'm sad I miss the party and the partaking of such yummy and messy cake! He looks like he had a blast. Love you sweet family.

Nina said...

Those incredible eyes that have the key to our hearts!We are the blessed ones. He is a happy little boy (: Love you so much Wyatt!!!!

Rory said...

Okay, crying over here. Steph, I love that you don't take one single thing for shows when you talk about your boys. Happy Birthday Wyatt! The world is definitely a cuter place because you're in it!:)

Aj Schwanz said...

Dear Mr. Wyatt:

Congrats on your first trip around the sun! We admire your smile, joy, and awesome hair from afar. Blessings and yummy treats wished your way!

And happy birthing day to the Mama. :)