Monday, May 17, 2010

Water Babies

What a weekend! Jim and I had the privilege of watching Carson and Sydney on Friday and Saturday while Jen and Trent went to adoption classes. To say that Henry and Carson had a good time just doesn't do it justice. All I will say is there was a lot of laughing and a lot of loud. Good times.
On Saturday, we walked over to the new fountains at 53rd street park so the kids could burn off some energy and cool off from the sun. Hurray for warm days! Here is a sample of our time at the water park (yes, there are mostly pics of try and take pics of older kids running through water spouts at lightening speed...):

At first, Syd was not too sure...

Someone loves him some water!

Sydney = darling

Please note the boy in blue just over Wyatt's head. Nice face!

The Sady's joined us for some play time and we all had lunch together. Doesn't it look like Sam and Jenna are having a blast? Hee.

Wyatt could not get enough of the water. He was all over it! Even though he seemed fine, Jim scooped him out after a long while 'cause the water was cold and his skin was frigid. He loved it, though!

As we were leaving, Jim asked the boys if we should get some chocolate milk to enjoy at home. What do you think they said? Popsicles on Mickey Mouse sticks (thanks, mom!) completed their sugar-free snack.

Such a fun weekend! We love our friends and we love getting to spend time with their kiddos. We can't wait to spend time with ALL THREE in the somewhat near future!

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butters said...

Okay... you say I don't take a bad picture... the picture of me in this post proves that YES I do take a bad picture.(:

It was so fun to hang out with you all including the Thompkins' kids. I also look forward to loving on all "THREE" someday. They are officially the first in the group of us to go for #3, unless someone has something they need to tell us. Yeah... I didn't think so.(:

love you guys

Nina said...

I'm sitting here smiling having known all of you without all these beautiful babies! Just thanking God for the whole bunch of you (: