Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boys and toys

Let's just say the boys got a LOT of new things to entertain themselves with this Christmas (and a big YAHOO from me!). Thankfully, big bro is totally okay with sharing his loot with his smaller sibling, though he occasionally yells out a "YUCK!" when he picks up a wet and slimy item. Poor Wyatt. But he's got two teeth now! What was I saying? Oh yeah! Whether it's Henry showing Wyatt how to use his toys properly ("No Wyatt! You push this button!") or Henry dictating what cars can go down which ramp on his new car garage and which can go in Wyatt's mouth, he wants Wyatt to be playing with him (us) all of the time. It's pretty cute. And sweet. He has asked me many times when they can have bunk beds. Please he still feels that way in a couple years...

Anyhow, yes there are some Christmas pics to post (though not many) but that will have to wait. For now, I bring you...

Some random pictures of my kids playing!

Henry actually just smiled for me in this next pic...it makes him almost unrecognizable.

Mmmm...something to chew on...

Dinosaurs take over the parking garage!! Run for your lives!

I told you it was random. For good measure, here is a video of Wyatt, doing what he does best:


You know you want to squeeze his thighs!!! They are so yummy, I want to eat them!
Aaaaand before I sound too crazy, I shall bid you adieu.
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Brazenlilly said...

Love it! Love the random cuteness. Carson will also enjoy playing with Henry's toys when we see you soon! We may bring some dinosaurs to add to the prehistoric feel. Can't wait to kiss that baby!

Aj Schwanz said...

Aw! I love how "instructive" big brothers can be (especially when Judah sounds just like me - stink :)). And those legs! I'm so jealous: apparently I left all my babies' rolls at the hospital.

sarah said...

I TOTALLY want to squeeze those thighs. I love that Henry is talking about bunk beds too. Such cute kids!