Sunday, December 20, 2009

He is King, after all

Henry: Whose birthday is it?

Me: (getting into car with cake for Christmas potluck) Well, actually, it's Jesus' birthday. Won't it be fun to celebrate when Jesus was born with our friends?

Henry: Yeah.

***A few moments of silence***

Henry: But, where is Jesus?

Jim: Jesus is everywhere! And He's in our hearts.

Me: Yeah! Jesus is always with us and he watches over us and protects us. Isn't that great?

Henry: But Mommy, where's your heart?

Me: (hand on chest) Right here baby.

Henry: (with a look of skepticism) No, mommy. Your heart is on your back!

Me: (realizing he is talking about my teeny tiny super cute heart tattoo ON MY BACK) Oh. Yeah. Well, that's not my real heart.

Jim: (Very snarky-like) Mmhmm. Someone just drew that heart on mommy.

Me: (ahem) My real heart is right here and yours is, too.

***A few more moments of silence***

Henry: But, no. Jesus lives in a castle!

Me: (looking at Jim, both of us full of joy in our little boy) Why yes, Henry. Yes he does. :)


Nina said...

My devotional this morning came from a pure little heart . Henry touched my heart and I have to say he brought happy tears. This just might be the title of his first book. Love you Henry!!

jgorger said...

It moments like this that you should feel so proud as a parent! I love it! Its so awesome...nice work! :)