Monday, December 07, 2009

Behold! I bring you good tidings of GREAT health!

Well, people. It can officially be said that Jim and I have bred future professional athletes. If you can even believe it, at 6 months, our sweet little Wyatt has met his brother in height and surpassed him in weight!!! What?!?! I know.

6 months
29 1/2 inches
21.5 lbs

So as I said, great health. :) I love that one day, I am going to be the smallest person in my house by a long shot. Henry has just gone through another growth spurt, too, and we just can't believe how tall he is. All those 5T pants we got him in August are getting short! Wyatt did fantastic at his doctor appointment today - wailed a bit when the nurse shot him full of vaccinations and flu goodness, but got over it quickly. He had lots of smiles for his Dr and nurse, and that makes a mama proud! We apparently need to be working more on getting him to roll over, which he's really only done a handful of times. He seems content to just lay there and watch the rest of us do our thing. I'm not too worried about it though. Henry took a million years to crawl and now he runs circles around us.

I will end this post with some brother pictures. Henry and I couldn't figure out what happened with his poor baby brother, but I'm glad I captured the hilarity. Another thing Wyatt has in common with his big brother is the ability to make great sad faces. Enjoy!

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Scrappin' Diva said...

Way to go Wyatt! You do know you're going to need to get a job to feed your boys when they get into junior high & high school, right?!? :)

Nina said...

Cute + cute = adorable! I see each of you in them.

eets said...

Man, there's something really special about two brothers. I love these pics...makes me think of all the times Wyatt will run around in the woods with Henry, Carson, Jack and Ethan, trying to keep up.