Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! (and a little crazy)

This is Wyatt. It takes approximately .01 seconds to make him smile.

Sometimes, he might need a quick blink break,

but then quickly resumes his smiling cuteness.

Occasionally, he likes to go for the "I'm having SO much fun!" smile.

Sometimes it's the "Don't you think my outfit is cute?" smile.

Then there is the "Does this mean you're going to play with me?" smile.

No really. Are we going to play?

And here is the "She's getting closer, I'm getting excited!" smile.

Which brings us to....

just a little bit crazy smile.

This is when you know you better bring on the playtime or he might burst.
T-shirt profanity brought to you by Daddy.
Spikey hair brought to you by Mommy.

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Peaby said...

love the little bit crazy smile. I laughed. nice post!

jgorger said...

What a HAPPY boy! Super cute!

Becky said...

Awesome post! Seriously...can he get any cuter?!?! What a happy little boy you have.

Matt & Beth said...

What. A. Cutie. I just want to kiss those cheeks! You just have the most beautiful boys.