Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sometimes I still take pictures

And sometimes I might actually play with them. Oooooh, look. She pressed "Sepia."

Are you impressed? Well, not to outdo myself, but I even remembered to bring a camera to Pumpkin Patch Day at preschool. It was fun! They brought the pumpkin patch to us, so there was no huge field trip fiasco (yet). The kids all had so much fun and this is the only picture I can show because I guess the appropriate thing to do before I post Henry's classmates' pictures all over the web is to ask their parents if it's okay. Anyhow, there were small, children sized pumpkins all over the field and yet Henry decided this pumpkin was the one we should take home:
He's all about saving time. It's already carved and everything! Too bad the teachers didn't go for it.
And just because his reaction was so cute, here is a video of Henry being excited about the next event of the day:
It is a good thing I am posting this right now and dwelling on good memories since all I can hear is him screaming upstairs. Not napping. Why is it that on days that he plays the hardest, he WILL NOT NAP? And on days we do NOTHING he can sleep for 2 hours? A conundrum, he is.
Well, I guess I'll go get him before he wakes up his brother and I go from annoyed to angry!!! MERCY! :)
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Anonymous said...

where did you learn those big words like "conundrum"? : )

I love Henry's unbridled enthusiasm and spontaneous outburst at going in the bounce house!! He's adorable and cute and so grown up...I miss you Grandma Johnson