Friday, September 05, 2008

Nice days are nice

For eating green popsicles

and helping daddy wash mom's car.

Time has not been my friend in regards to posting lately, so I thought I'd better post something quickly for the grandparents out there. Though he is wearing the same shirt as the previous post, these pics were taken on Monday when Jim and Henry cleaned my filthy car after the guys took it to the wilderness. Henry loves him some soapy water. He kept chanting, "Henry wash car!" I hope he still feels that way when he's old enough to do it himself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pictures, Stephanie! We grandparents do look forward to them and appreciate your keeping us up to date on Henry and his antics!
Blessings, Grandma and Grandpa Marr

Anonymous said...'re SO big, and such a good helper. I notice that you like to stick your tongue out...a lot...I'm sure that's not from any influence of your mom!!:)

love you,
Grandma Johnson