Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunriver Getaway!

The Marr family went on a 5 day vacation to Sunriver (thanks to my awesome former boss). We had such a great time together! It is so fun to see how much more Henry enjoys things as he gets older. Enjoy the following posts and pictures ( I think there are 5 posts)!
First morning destination: bike ride to the donut shop for breakfast.

Henry was so excited to leave, even though he didn't know what a donut was.

So sad! The donut shop was temporarily closed, so we biked over to the grocers for some Entemann's. Henry didn't mind! Bonus: very first chocolate milk!

I love donuts!

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butters said...

Hey great pictures. It looks like you guys had such a good time. I love the pictures of Henry and Ethan... holding hands! Henry is growing and changing so much it seems. I also love the family photo of you all, you're a hot little mama.(;

Peaby said...

I really want a donut right now.

Michael and Delynn: said...

You know Steph - once he has chocolate milk, there's no going back! Thanks so much for sharing your family time. It's really nice to keep up to date with all of you. Kisses and hugs to all! Love Aunt Delynn & Uncle Michael

sarah said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all those pictures. Makes me want to go back. I love vacations! And let me say again, Henry is so cute in his overalls. I loved watching him interact with Ethan (even reaching out to hold his hand).