Thursday, August 21, 2008

Having a fun day with nothing to do!

It's nice to just have a day when everyone is healthy and there's nothing that needs to get done that can't wait. Today is that kind of day and we're just playing and being silly.

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Brazenlilly said...

Great video! Did I pick up a slight Asian accent in that counting? ;) I'm jealous. I DO have stuff I need to do today and we are all having a bit of a rough day. "Mamma said there'd be days like this!" Oh well. Thanks for cheering me up with a smile and a tongue out!

woosterweester said...

Adorable! I love Jen's comment about the Asian accented counting.:) Has he been staying up late watching the Olympics in Beijing?:) All kidding aside, I'm pretty impressed at his vocab skills. Plus, he's SO huggable!:)

Anonymous said...

Cousin Alex says "He's a good talker!" Cousin Samantha says "Do that picture again" Glad you're feeling better Steph.

Love Aunt Delissa

Becky said...

Those are the best days! Love the second picture- proof that Henry has a mommy who is not afraid to be silly with him.

Great counting Henry!

sarah said...

I love the video. It's fun to hear him counting. My favorite word he says is "pickles." Come on, anything he says is cute!!

Aj Schwanz said...

Oh my heavens, Henry is like a Little Friendly Giant - that voice is just precious!

Anonymous said...

Stop it!! Henry, you're the smartest and most adorable 2-year-old grandson in the universe, and I love you very much...I'm very thankful for videos on blogs. Thanks, Steph.