Monday, September 08, 2008

New things

We try to keep it real in the Marr household by doing new things every now and then. One new recreational activity is finger painting, thanks to the Tompkins' gift of an easel. Of course Henry loves this past time, but he does comment the entire time about the state of his messy hands. I'm trying to teach him that messiness in moderation is okay.
Unsure of how to begin

Getting into it now...

My little Monet

We also trying out some new snacks. I made up some ants on a log and Henry was SO excited. He popped the raisins in his mouth, licked the peanut butter and said "All done this." Hmmm. I thought he was ready for celery since his 2 year molars are popping through, but I don't think he quite knows the strength of his own mouth yet. If it had been a hard cookie, I'm sure he would have persevered, but oh well.

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Jo B. said...

LOVE Henry's painting! He reminds me of E.T. (Not Eric T.) in the third photos down. Remember the ghost costume where only his shoes were showing? So cute!

Pot Liquor said...

I navigated to your page from Jen's blog. I had to leave a comment. I love it that you're not afraid to lung into finger painting, indoors, with a toddler. It's great that you made a choice in favor of a new experience for your child, over the sanctity of the living room floor. Good post.

Justine said...

OMG...too cute!

sarah said...

I've been kind of afraid to do finger painting. If you can do it, in your house no less, than I can too. I know Ethan will have a blast just like Henry. He looks like he's having too much fun. Plus he looks stinkin cute in his t-shirt.
ps. I like your background

Becky said...

Look at you changin' up your blog- nice. Henry looks adorable in his paint shirt. What a good mommy you are!