Monday, April 07, 2008

Last week

...was great and awful at the same time. My mom was here, which turned out to be a total God-send because we found out I have mono and let's just say my body went nuts on me. Anyhoo, we're pretty sure Henry has it too, but it just manifests as a really bad cold in small children, which he has to the 10th degree. Poor us. But thank heavens for my mother, who watched Henry SO much while I kept having to go to the doctor and have all sorts of tests done, etc. It was perfect timing and Henry just loved having her here! We were able to fit in a couple fun things, like going to the zoo and seeing some good friends. Thanks, mom! We love you and miss you!

Here are a couple picks from last week:

Henry, showing Grandma how he feels about her

Henry and Grandma...double trouble

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sarah said...

Both pictures are adorable. Who can resist a little boy in his diaper and bib. Too funny!

Brazenlilly said...

Ha! I love the pics, but sorry you guys are sick...again! I want more pics if you have them. I feel so disconnected!

Aj Schwanz said...

Your mama is so purdy, and so is the little man with her. I want to poke his belly and see if he giggles. :D

Mend quickly!

Anonymous said...

I miss you, too...please get well soon. I pray every day for you all. Grandma sends kisses, Henry...