Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Green! There's green everywhere!

I'll tell you what...having a really sick child is so sad! We found out yesterday that Henry has ear infections and a sinus infection and will mostly likely hold his fever (which has been steady at 102) for a few days. Everything is different. He didn't wake up until 9 am this morning, he ate one, that's O-N-E, nibble of banana and three Cheerios, and then asked for "nigh-nigh" at 10:30 am. During this period of awake time, we pretty much just sat on the couch and watched "Poo Poo," with the occasional chuckle at silly Pooh leading to a round of coughing to which Henry would sincerely reply, "" Poor kid - he doesn't know what to do with the "stuff" that gets coughed up and he looks at me so desperately to help. He pretty much just swallows it back down. Usually during his protesting of the nasty stuff making it's way into his mouth, he ends up blowing two lovely streams of green liquid from his nostrils. Blech.

Anyhow, we're holding up just fine. It seems that Henry knows what his body needs and is very good at asking to just go to bed. Such a sweet boy.

Here's a pic of him this morning watching his favorite bear:

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Jim said...

Well, that's a very descriptive account.

Poor little dude.

eets said...

ugh. I know how it feels! I had constant ear infections as a kid and even needed tubes in my ears. But I got better and now look at me! Wait, don't worry, Henry won't be like me. He'll be ok.


Brazenlilly said...

Oh, poor baby! I just want to come over and give him a hug! I'm glad he's resting for you.