Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We're still here!

Yes, everyone, we are still alive. Henry has been A-OK for just over a week and I'm over the mono so we're doing fantastic. I think Jim picked up the mono, but also seems to be doing better each day.

Jim and I are certain that Henry was hoarding new knowledge while he was sick b/c the moment he woke up all better, he was jibber-jabbering away with all these new words and talking to us like it was all very normal. He also has been known to be very moody in the past, but since he's been well, he has turned into this funny, always happy little boy. I probably just jinxed it but whatever. He has been SO fun!

Here are my new favorite Henry-isms:

Bless you mama/daddy
(oh yes, after we sneeze OR burp)

Ho Ho Ha Ha??
(wanting HoHoHo Hosanna over and over and over)

He is totally into giving eskimo kisses...shoot

When we all sit down at the table, he throws his hands out, waiting for us to pray so he can eat. :)

Throwing his arms out and saying, "TA DA!"

Here's a pic of him two weekends ago when we visited Jim's parents in Lyden:

That is all for now. Many things to of a mother, you know.
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butters said...

Yay... I am glad you guys are doing better, I've been thinking about you lots.

We've been away but hopefully either this week or next we can get together because I need a Steph and Henry fix.

Hooray for all the new words as well, how fun that is when they begin trying out new words. Lately Nathan says, "why not" to everything and that cracks me up.

Hopefully we can talk sometime this week, love you guys,