Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zoo trip #2

We were able to do a few fun things while my mom was here and going to the zoo was one of them. It was so fun - Henry was WAY more into the animals this time!

My best friend...Goat

"Mama...the kitty is looking at me!"

Yep. He's not a baby anymore!


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sarah said...

Last time we went, the petting zoo had just closed. Henry looks pretty cute holding on the the railing. I look forward to going together sometime this summer.

woosterweester said...

Okay, so we've never officially met, but in keeping with Jen's "de-lurking" post I thought I'd officially comment! First of all, Henry is ADORABLE!!!! I happened upon your blog when I first entered the blogging world off of Jen's site. I thought you were a Steph that I casually knew through Jen in highschool. Took me a minute to realize I DIDN'T know you but by then I was hooked! I just HAD to know how cute little Henry turned out! And then I figured out that "Jimbo" is your hubby and had to recently crack up at the Jack in the Box taco confession. So, technically I am leaving a comment for both of you here.:) I think my little Eva (17 mos.) and Henry aren't too far apart in do you feel about arranged marriages?:)