Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello, thirty!

That's right. Today, I'm the big 3-0. Woot! I say, bring it on! I'm not really big into my birthday, but I enjoy getting older and starting new eras in my life.

This morning, Becky and Sarah brought me a balloon, a present (THANK YOU TO ALL!) and a yummy treat from Starbucks. Happy birthday to me, indeed. :) Henry kept begging with an overload of pleases to have some of my toffee nut latte. How do you say no? Of course he loved it. I pictured him saying, "Mom...Happy Birthday. Bottoms up!" What was actually coming out was "Mmmmm... MMMMM."

A boy after my own heart. :) I know my mom will especially love these pictures!

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butters said...

Happy Birthday sweet Steph... I love you and love the pictures of Henry with Starbucks... he could advertise for them.

Funny enough, my child likes coffee too?! Somehow I'm not worried about it stunting their growth though.(:

Enjoy your family tonight and know that you are loved.

sarah said...

Ha! That is too funny. That's the first starbucks of many I'm sure =).

Anonymous said...

Henry, I'm so proud of you...we'll share some more Starbucks when I get there tomorrow!!! I love you all! Mom

Anonymous said...

Steph & Jim. We are afraid that Henry will develop just tlike the rest of the family. He will not drink coffee unless he is- -alone - - or with someebody. It must be something in the genes or at least the coffee beans. He handles the coffee cup with great aplomb. Our love to all Great grandma & grandpa

Brazenlilly said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it and proud of the girls for making it special. Also proud of Henry for knowing a good drink when he tastes one. ;)