Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blustery Day

Is it just me or did the weather go "POOF!" and change 30 degrees overnight? Not that I'm complaining. I like the colder weather and I'd rather nature water my lawn than us. :)

Today started out with Henry losing his balance on a frisbee and falling forward on the desk. This resulted in bleeding right below and right above the right eye. Let me tell you, it must have felt pretty bad, measuring how loud and long Henry wailed. Very sad. As soon as I was confident there was no eye puncture, Henry was ready to play again. Whew!

For lunch, we had grilled cheese! It was Henry's first time b/c I forget that there is such a thing in the summer. He loved it. Surprised? Anyhow, it's been awhile, so I thought I'd post some pics. Especially for the family members who don't get to see him often.

Can you see his sad eye?

It was time to go outside for a bit. Henry picked out a scarf.

I swear, the moment we step outside, our neighbor's kitten runs right over. He's cute. And he follows Henry everywhere.

This is what Henry does the entire time we're outside. He picks up rocks.

All the food and fresh air pooped him out and now he's is sleeping. I'd better go get some things done!

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GM & GP Field said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all posted with your pics of your family and activities. It is really neat. Hope Henry doesn't have a black eye.

Jason said...

We have a collection of rocks at home, too. It's rather shocking to see the entire set at the same time. Our neighbors are going to wind up paying for our rock garden ;-)

sarah said...

Look at his little dog outfit and of course matching hat. I love hats. So cute! The last picture is a great fall pic.

Brazenlilly said...

Poor guy. He is earning his stripes (whatever that means) in the walking stage. He is SO cute! I love his little outfit.

Delissa said...

I hate to tell you Steph but at age 8 Alex STILL picks up rocks. It's a guy thing. Love Aunt Delissa