Saturday, October 06, 2007


Wow. This is a lot of leaves.

We should really pick these up, dad.

DAD!!! Not cool.

I think I'll play over here instead.

Don't you just LOVE Fall??

PS Sarah - this is the jacket I was telling you about! Doesn't he look like a miniature one of our husbands (minus the big poof on top of his head)? :)
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Brazenlilly said...

Oh my gosh! Carson has that jacket too! Is is from Costco?! Aunt Tara got it for him. And I LOVE the one of the leaves getting dumped on him. Girl--these would make the perfect scrapbook page!!!

Steph said...

Hmmm...scrapbook. We should get together. I need encouragement. :) And yes, we got it from Costco today! It's the best!!! Is Carson's the same color?? I love twinsies!!!

sarah said...

Love the fall pictures. He looks adorable as always. I'm off to get a jacket at costco later today. Woohoo!