Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Sunriver vacation

Jim, Henry and I had a wonderful 4 days in Sunriver! We had such a good time just being together with no schedules and lots of time to play. We went on long bike rides (to get donuts!), hiked down into the lava caves nearby, visited Bend and got to see so much of the beauty of the place including a lot of deer, squirrels, horses, bunnies and geese. Here are some pics of our time:
Henry is ready to be there! (is that a goofy pic or what?)
Fighting traffic on the way

These are pics of our backyard! WOW!

Here's me enjoying a yummy treat after our looong bike ride
No donuts for Henry. He gets graham crackers.
Henry loooved getting away from us whenever he could. Walk, walk, walk in the other direction.
It was very cold in the mornings (30 degrees!), so Henry got bundled!
Jim and Henry in the lava caves which were really cool...except we had to carry Henry the whole mile in and mile out (when I say "we" I really mean Jim...who rocks) :)
It was great to see Henry take in all his surroundings. There was so much to see and hear and he had fun pointing at everything.
On a walk in the back of the house.

My serious guys...
Being silly!
I just love my family!

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Jim said...

We love you, too.

Peaby said...

That is a monster donut on Jim's plate.

We missed you guys.

Annie said...

You guys are all so cute! How fun to have a family vacation. :) The other week was fun with you and Kendra. Love you!

butters said...

Looks like a fun family vacation. I love going to Bend and Sunriver. I'm glad you guys got a chance to get away. You're family is adorable, I love all the pictures.

Becky said...

Love the view, love donuts (especially monster size ones), love Henry with blue gloves (too cute!), and love Sunriver. Sounds like a great trip- so glad that you guys got away together.

sarah said...

Like Becky said, I'm glad you got to get away for a few days. Sunriver is so relaxing. It looks like you made some wonderful memories there. And Henry with his hat backwards is too cute!