Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Warm underlayer...CHECK!

On Saturday, Jim, Henry and I went up to play in the snow. I have some videos of that but that will have to wait for when I really have some time. To hold you in suspense, I will say we went sledding with Henry...and he did not think it was the coolest.

Anyhoo, I was fretting about what Henry should wear to keep warm and I found this at the bottom of one of his drawers. It's the onesie we bought for him to sleep in during our July 4th camping trip this year and though it is a bit snug, it did the trick! We layered on some other pieces once we got there but this is what he wore in the car and to lunch! HA! He was so funny looking (in a cute way). Here are some pics of his awesome attire:

Why are you laughing at me?

Let's go, folks!

I said LET'S GO, mom.

And so we went. Stay tuned.
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sarah said...

The fitted pajamas with the hiking boots is too dang cute! The second picture looks like he's showing off some dance moves. I look forward to the snow pictures.

Becky said...

Can't wait for the videos to come. I think the shoes really pull the outfit together.

eets said...

you should match this in the summer with the classic socks/birkenstocks combo. He looks like a little mountain man!

Brazenlilly said...

That REI fleece was so great for Carson too! It's a keeper. He looks like the big boys might look if they had one piece long underwear!