Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Puzzles are fun

Jim and I have taken up puzzles as of late. It's one of those things you forget you like to do. When we were younger, Jeremiah and I would spend hours actually not fighting and putting a puzzle together. Good times. Now Jim and I are spending quality time together over a puzzle rather than the TV all night. It's quite nice. I unfortunately chose some rather difficult puzzles full of all the same colors with 1000 tiny pieces. We're going blind but having fun!

In case my mom is reading, we finally have our new fence put in to go with our new backyard lawn. It is all so very beautiful. I let Maddie go outside to test it all out for the first time last night and she was so confused. She walked all the way around the perimeter, staying only on the barkdust. When she ended up back on the porch, she looked up at me very confused. But then, before I could say "It's just grass," she took off in what I call her back-and-forth sprints, where she runs back and forth about 20 feet a million times. She seemed to enjoy the new backyard as much as we do. Then, in the spirit of loving something so nice, we went to the park so she could not poo on our pretty grass. =)


Jim said...

I like our dog. I like our new backyard.

Peaby said...

That's like what I do with a pizza. I walk around the outside...trying to figure out the best angle. Then I dive in and go nuts.

mom said...

your backyard sounds so delightful...just think of all the lovely times you'll have out there in the mild fall weather...(we are at 82 degrees, expecting a hurricane :}. Also, I'm also quite thrilled you're doing jigsaw puzzles with Jim!