Thursday, October 27, 2005

Last night was...

...A bsolutely
...P ositively
...P ure
de L iciousness for
...E veryone!!!

And a big thank you to Sarah and Eric for hosting a Caramel-Apple-Making-Party, which I might add, were scrumptious. And thank you to Mike for pounding up the peanuts ever so creatively...and to Jim for taking pictures...and to Becky for trying to squeeze a ziploc full of leftover peanuts back into the peanut container. A huge "we missed you" to Jen, Trent and Carson!! This is definitely a do-over type shindig.


Jim said...

As always, Eric & Sarah were scrumptious.

eets said...

my arm still hurts from where you bit me, but I'm happy to hear I'm scrumptious