Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Grass is green
Grass smells nice
Providing backyard paradise
Friends and dogs
Can celebrate
With hamburgers and fresh grilled steak
A place to run
And spend the day
A place our dog can cleanly play
In times of rain
I will not cry
When Maddie whines to go outside
Way easier
To scoop the poop
To that I yell a loud "WOOP WOOP!"
Thank you Jim
My husband dear
For having grass put in this year!


Jim said...

Wow. This is truly poignant and touching.

Steph said...

There is no need for nastiness.

eets said...

Jim and Steph are oh so funny;
Full of wit, and noses runny;
I can't believe, I haven't seen;
The grass of theirs that is so green;
I'll frolick with my beagle there;
We'll skip and jump all through the air;
And if I mess up their spotless grass;
They'll forgive me and not kick my teeth.

Steph said...

I see I have competition...

My nose is not runny!

(very clever ending)

JASon said...

*snap**snap**snap**snap* When did this turn into "Poet Corner"?