Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween everyone!

And here are some lovely photos, courtesy of Jim's parents, of our Jim as a youngster, enjoying himself as a cat and an apple. Wasn't he darling???

Meoooooooow. (That's Jim's sis, Kathy, as Raggedy Ann, I think)

Don't you just want to coat him in caramel and nuts and eat him up?


Jim said...

I won't be coming home this evening. Or any evening for that matter.

Peaby said...

I just want to know where you'd put the popsicle stick.

eets said...

Made my day...I'm still grinning. Here kitty kitty.

Theodemos said...

I love it! ;=) Thanks, Stephanie! Gave me my great laugh for the evening. You know, the first time I remember seeing Jim outside of church he put on a costume too.... something like Prince Valiant with the long hair.